Working Through My Project List

I have decided to take a few days off this week and do some stuff that needs to get done around the house, the first thing I am going to do is take down some of the plantation shutters and do a bit of work on them. It is going to be the simplest part of it. The thing is not really important unless you are into details, which is exactly why Anna insists on it being done right. Unless you were really attuned to detail then you would not notice it, but the shutters in the back do not match the ones in the front and neither of them exactly match the ones on the side.…

Important Features of Landscape Gardens

The magnificent gardens attached to the medieval palaces, manor houses and religious properties are finest examples of landscape gardening. Nowadays, landscape garden is a prominent feature of urban planning. Apart from beautifying the outdoor space, it boosts the curve value of a property.

Landscape architects can convert any outdoor space into a stunning landscape garden. This work combines creativity with the knowledge of horticulture. By considering the different environmental factors, a landscape designer creates a garden that with proper care can last for generations. By harmoniously blending color, texture and form, a landscape architect creates a garden design.

Features of Landscape Gardens

Softscape and Hardscape

There are two main areas of a garden – softscape and hardscape. The softscape enterprises of trees, shrubs, grasses and other horticulture elements. The hardscape includes elements such as the pathways, driveways, rock formations, steps and walls that support the softscape and add to the visual appeal and functionality of the garden.


Color is the most essential part of the design. To avoid monotony, a variety of color shades is used in property landscaping. While green is the predominant color in a garden, the attraction of lush greenery is enhanced with flowers of different hues. In a vibrant landscape garden, warm colors are arranged alongside cooler shades. As colors influence mood, the vivid zones of the garden are adorned with elements of warm colors, where the peaceful areas where people relax are surrounded by cool colors or neutral shades.


In a landscape garden, the shapes and sizes of the plants and other ornamental elements of the garden are proportional to the overall size of the property. The placement of the plants in a garden is determined by their height at maturity.

Focal Points

Depending upon the size of the garden, a landscape garden will have one or several centers of attraction or focal points. The focal points serve different purposes. A focal point may be used as relaxation venue or for lounging in the sun. A separate area may be devoted for entertaining guests. A garden may have a play area, a pool or a pond.


The maintenance of a garden is an important issue that landscape architects take into account while designing a garden. The horticultural elements require regular maintenance. Irrigation and drainage facilities should be installed to ensure that the plants receive adequate water and prevent water logging. The materials used for constructing the hardscape elements should be strong and durable.…

Home Improvement – The Right Color for the Right Room

So, you’ve just bought the house and wish to repaint all the walls in each of its rooms. That would be fantastic. Just make sure you do not choose the wrong color.

So, let’s get it started:

o Your Bedroom.

It’s bedtime. You need a room that can make you feel comfortable, warm, and peaceful yet can cheer you up in the morning while you wake up. So, what you need is balancing the colors. One thing for sure, do not use dark colors for the walls. Instead, choose warm ones like buttery yellow, misty peach, or sweet, delicate pink. These colors might be soft and can help you sleep better but they can also be inspiring in the morning. Note this: do not use red or yellow for the walls.

o Your Living Room

When you go home from work, you’d like to sit down and watch some TV. To relax. Yes, that’s what a living room is for. Green is considered the most restful color for the eye. Blue is also good to add calming effects. Both can relieve your stress and get you relaxed.

o Your Kitchen

The first impression of your kitchen should be ‘clean.’ Blue or light yellow would be great. Plus, these colors give you the sense of calming and relaxing so when you have to cook, you will not easily get tired.

o Your Kids’ Room

Boys refer to blue while girls to pink. Some people are getting bored with those colors. Why do not you try light green combined with yellow or you can combine purple, light blue and pink. Be imaginative with colors in your kids’ room. Their favorite color should be added as well.

o Your Bathroom

Wish to be different? Forget blue. Are not you bored to see blue in every bathroom in this country? So, try other colors. Play with bright ones. Try yellow, try orange. They will certainly brighten your day in a cozy morning while you wish you were still in bed.

Before choosing the right colors for your house, it is better for you to learn about the essence of colors. That way, you will know which colors to choose and how it affects your rooms.…

Five Floor Renovation Tips

When you consider how much space the floor takes up in a house, it’s surprising it doesn’t get more attention. It should play a significant role in the overall décor in your home, but more often that not it’s overlooked and is only an afterthought. We might not think about it first, but we certainly notice if it’s damaged and immediately the area looks neglected.

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Because it covers a wide surface area, it can feel daunting as we worry it might be expensive, but there are ways of updating the floor without breaking the bank.

Low-Cost Materials

Choosing vinyl, laminates or cork will keep the cost down because the cost per square metre is significantly lower than hardwood or ceramic tiles. Installation costs are also relatively low, and there is always the option to do it yourself.

Don’t Remove the Old Flooring

If you are really looking for a budget option, leave the old flooring in place and put your new flooring on top – removing old flooring is not just expensive but time-consuming too. If you can remove the existing flooring, you will get a better finish, and if your budget stretches to professional fitting, you will get peace of mind.

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Fit the Floor Yourself

Laminate and engineered flooring is easier to fit yourself, and specialist retailers like have a great selection to suit all tastes. Often the installation poses a significant cost, so you could save by doing it yourself.

Check Suitability

Most flooring is pretty flexible, but there are some types of flooring that aren’t suitable for everywhere in the home. Hardwood flooring, for example, is not suitable for wet areas like bathrooms because it might warp with the humidity, and water then causes further damage.

Choose Your Battles

Fitting flooring is a big job. If you have not done it before, or you have chosen a more complicated material, understand where your skill runs out. There is only so much you can teach yourself before you should call in a professional.

Once you have sorted out the floor, it’s time to move on with the rest of the house and Home Building has some great ideas.

Do your research before you start and take your time. It is worth getting several quotes if you are considering a professional so you can sure it is competitive.…

Rubbish Removal: Why Are Anaerobic Landfills So Harmful? – The Scientific Reason

The biggest problem with landfills is the fact that the rubbish removal taken to landfills is digested under ANAEROBIC CONDITIONS! This means that the breakdown of the rubbish removal takes place under conditions that LACK OXYGEN.

By contrast, the rubbish removal we put in a compost pile is digested under AEROBIC CONDITIONS! This means that the breakdown of the rubbish removal in a garden variety compost pile, versus a landfill, takes place under conditions with PLENTY OF OXYGEN.

Why do ANAEROBIC CONDITIONS (no oxygen) versus AEROBIC CONDITIONS (lots of oxygen) matter so much?

Rubbish removal is broken down by microorganisms, both at the landfill and in a garden compost pile. The key difference between the two decomposition processes is in the type of microorganisms that break down the rubbish removal. In a landfill, the microorganisms that break down the rubbish removal are the type that can survive in conditions that LACK OXYGEN (this exists in nature but is far less common). In a garden compost pile, on the other hand, the microorganisms that break down the rubbish removal require the presence of oxygen to survive, as most organisms on Earth do!

So, the key difference between a landfill and a garden compost pile is:

Anaerobic microorganisms VERSUS Aerobic microorganisms
(which depends on the lack or presence of oxygen)

Now, you are probably wondering why landfills are devoid of oxygen and why garden compost piles are full of oxygen?

Excellent question!

Compost piles have pockets of air between the decomposing particles! These pockets of air contain oxygen! In fact, this is why you are supposed to stir your compost pile about once a week. The stirring process introduces fresh air in the form of new air pockets which replenishes the oxygen supply in the compost. This makes the aerobic microorganisms doing the decomposition happy and they continue doing their decomposition activity. Earthworms burrowing through the compost and breaking up the particles through digestion also help create new oxygen filled air pockets between the compost particles.

Landfills are HUGE compared to garden compost piles. Their layers run DEEP. Rubbish removal gets deposited so often, layers upon layers upon layers are created on a weekly basis. The weight of all this rubbish removal packs the layers down so densely that no air pockets exist, and therefore, no oxygen exists. Any oxygen initially in a fresh layer gets quickly used up, any aerobic microorganisms present in the top layer quickly die off, and another layer of waste removal is dumped on top of the fresh layer, making it now part of the ANAEROBIC graveyard of rubbish removal we find in landfills!

Landfill operators also use machines to pack these layers down so they can fit more rubbish removal into the landfill. Why is this? It’s more profitable for one thing! It’s also more “efficient” in terms of the land space devoted to rubbish removal.

Now, you may also be asking why it matters whether rubbish removal is broken down by anaerobic microorganisms versus aerobic …

The Top Seven Advantages of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

By: F Delventhal

There has been a great deal of emphasis around the Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Would you like to receive the solution and its advantages explained in a few simple words?  Well, we have put together ten benefits that should explain this quite easily; however, let us first have a look at what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is.  There has been a great deal of emphasis around the Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Would you like to receive the solution and its advantages explained in a few simple words?  Well, we have put together ten benefits that should explain this quite easily; however, let us first have a look at what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is.

In its most simplistic form, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based resolution offering all you need for ERP and CRM in a single place.  It puts together these features into applications that operate seamlessly together across these different areas:

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Operations
  • Field service
  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Project service automation

The applications are integrated with specific tools you already utilise, such as Excel and Outlook, and brings about the power of digital intelligence to each decision made.  The greatest benefit is that all the things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics 365 grow on a daily basis.

Now, let us look at the different benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business:

1.  Begin With What Is Necessary and Add Apps as Needs Change

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was created to be a simple solution.  Taking this into account, it is important that you use the individual apps to form a solution to suit your company’s particular needs.  When the need changes, new needs will develop and the applications will help with the company’s growth.

2.  Understanding the Customers In a New Way

“Dynamics 365 operates by bringing together all types of customer data so you can gain a full picture of the client’s needs.  Using the pre-built KPIs, you can gain a full understanding of the customer journey using real-time updates,” says a Dynamics 365 expert at Rocket CRM.

Personalising the customer experience and measuring the health of customer relationships will increase your reputation among clients and potential clients.

3.  Increased Flexibility

Using a monthly operational cost with a subscription model is more flexible than utilising capital costs.  Not only does it present with the potential of being cheaper, but you will also purchase the necessary apps exclusively.  Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics 365 removes the need to manage your company’s data servers and centre which results in significant savings.

4.  Increased Simplicity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is based on purchasing subscriptions according to the role.  Using this option, you will need to subscribe people to work they complete and not purchase large licensing coverage for all staff roles.

5.  Increased Scalability

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 presents with a monthly subscription, you will receive the option to scale up and down when the company’s needs change such as during vacations or in the Christmas season.  This means you …

Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is experiencing a renaissance, with architects favouring its understated charcoal grey tones to create trendy and elegant window frames for new-builds.

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It has evolved subtly from the height of its use for window frames in the early 1980s, when grotesque metal strips formed the silhouette of a window. Now Dublin windows and doors, and those around the country, are adorned with sleek charcoals frames made from aluminium that support the creation of a new home’s stylish décor.

So despite the fact they are growing in popularity, why should you choose aluminium windows? Check out our reasons below before you commit to a particular material to frame your windows and doors.

1) It’s Strong

Aluminium is an incredibly strong metal, and less is required to create a frame that holds hardware and glass in place. Consequently, if you have large windows, you can avoid having to resort to a huge frame support, permitting an increase in the window’s glass area.

Image Credit

2) It Has a Modern Look

Since less of this metallic element is required, architects can create a more contemporary aesthetic – the lines will be much more slender, with a larger glass area.

3) Windows Will Be More Thermally Efficient

Since aluminium maximises the glass used, windows will, as a result, be more thermally efficient. Frames made of timber or uPvC are prone to expansion and contraction when temperatures fluctuate. A fellow metallic element, steel, also isn’t thermally efficient, although people may like the way it looks. In contrast, aluminium remains stable when temperatures change due to thermal breaks. Therefore, aluminium-framed windows, like those found at, are exceptional at keeping your home insulated.

4) Durability

Not only are aluminium windows and doors strong, thermally efficient and chic, they are also astonishingly durable. Furthermore, aluminium is exceedingly corrosion-resistant, and so it won’t wear away or rust. Nor will it fall victim to flaking, rotting or peeling, unlike timber frames that have to be stained and painted to protect them from the weather.

Although they require very little maintenance, click here for more information on how you can clean and maintain aluminium products.

5) Aluminium Is Cheap

Compared to wooden frames, aluminium is relatively cheap and will therefore save you money on its installation and throughout its duration, since it requires limited maintenance.




Home Staging: 5 Keys to Succeed In Selling Your House Or Apartment

Are you going to sell your house or apartment soon? In order to get the best price, take a little time to sell your property. In addition to the necessary repairs that you must do absolutely, these simple cosmetic improvements can help you give your home or apartment a new lease of life and sell it faster.

Do not forget to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer so that your house is sold as soon as possible.

Start with these 5 helpful tips:

1. StoreYour Belongings in Boxes

Hiding your belongings behind piles of mess will not help potential buyers fall in love with your home or apartment. Store all items that you will not use for months in boxes (Christmas decorations, winter clothing, sports equipment, old toys). Remove any objects or damaged furniture that clutter the rooms and store these items with a Sydney removalist

2. Clean and Improve Your Entrance

Get out and take a look out the window. Potential buyers can arrive in front of your home a few minutes before the real estate agent. Make sure the door is clean and all the glasses are sparkling. Repaint the door if it is in poor condition. Finally, add a new doormat, a new mailbox and pretty flowerpots on each side of the door.

3. Repair Your Broken Blinds

Decrepit shutters or torn or bent blinds will not help you sell your house or apartment quickly. Remove them and replace them with new ones or pick them up and repaint them.

4. Clean Cupboards

Cluttered or overloaded closets for business and household items will make it seem like there is not enough room. Store or give away things you do not need elsewhere. Once the cupboard is empty, clean it, check that the doors are running smoothly and put the bare minimum of items in a well-organised way.

5. Give a New Touch to Your Floor

Carpet worn, dirty or of a colour of another century can scare your potential buyers in a few seconds. Remove it and make the floor appear as if it is in good condition. Buyers will not have to wonder what’s underneath and will probably fall in love with the appearance and patina of the wood.


Spring Cleaning Ideas and Solutions

By: Chris Lattuada

At the beginning of the year, many of us would like to either move out or dedicate a few days to deep cleaning our homes. So, this year when you are faced with the dreariness of your home surroundings, do both.

You may be planning to move out of your home sometime soon, so ask yourself what are the improvements that would actually benefit you during the remainder of your stay. Consider those changes that will allow you to enjoy your home life more and still maintain their value after you sell.

The following article will provide some good ideas on doing just this. These special home improvements will allow you to enjoy your home more and will improve the value of your sale price in the years to come.


There is no end to the plethora of ways your kitchen can be improved for convenience and aesthetic appeal. This doesn’t have to involve extensive work or major investments, but a replacing the cabinets and adding an island may be a great way to improve the appearance and even functionality of your home.


Adding a new bathroom to the second floor or an en-suite bathroom to the second bedroom could raise your home value by as much as 5% according to statistics held in Nationwide. It is less time-consuming in comparison to other rooms in a home and with the help of experts such as bathroom designers in Surrey, your home value can rise by just 3-4 days.

Garden room

No matter how big or small your home, if you have a good-sized garden you have plenty more space. Garden rooms are excellent solutions for a new office, studio, workshop or playroom away from the main home where too much noise can be an issue. If you take the extra step and install plumbing to make an en-suite bathroom, you have yourself a guest house.


While similar in concept to the garden room, a conservatory is built as an annexe to your home but still takes up some garden space. This is smart as long as you still have roaming room in your garden. Consider the location and temperatures. On the south side, it may be warm and need some extra cooling in the summer, on the North side, it could be cooler and require heating in the summer.


When making your improvements never forget what a value the garden has in itself. It is easy to allow the garden to fall to its own entropy over the winter months but the spring is the time to kick it back into shape. Whether you are going to stay in your home or place it up on the market, having the garden in a clean and beautiful condition is a pleasure to the eye and always gives a good first impression of the home. After all, a home that looks like it will require yardwork is always slightly uninspiring.



Most …

Decisions about Shed Use

Sheds in the back yard today serve different purposes for different people. Some people use them to store items they do not need during warm weather or cold weather, decorations and other items. Then there is the shed used for yard and garden tools and finally, some people have found a completely different use. In some cases, the shed is being used as a getaway, office space or crafting location.

Shed Organization

If the shed is used for yard and other tools then the organization is crucial. This can be in the form of pegboard with hooks, a workbench with gardening tools for planting or potting. It can also include barrel-type containers for holding rakes, hoes and other yard handled tools. Ideas are endless for organizing when the shed is used for storing items. If the shed will hold decorations and other household items or even clothing for different seasons, then proper storage is necessary to keep it safe. This can be plastic bins with tight-fitting lids or plastic bags made for storage.

The one thing a shed can do when used for storage keeps the stored items safe from weather exposure if it is an outdoor item. When it is indoor items it can free up closet space for items that may only be used once a year like Christmas decorations and other holiday decorations. Clothing for warm weather may not be needed during the winter if living in a cold weather area, and the same for heavy winter clothing during the warm weather of spring and summer.

Using Sheds for Other Purposes

In some cases, sheds for sale are used for other purposes like a place to get away to read or craft, or for men to enjoy a hobby. This is a space that can be private without using a room inside the home for the specific purpose. Some people even set up a shed for an office outside of the home office to use during the nice weather where the noise of family living does not interrupt workflow.

Women are also finding many reasons they want to set up a shed for crafting, reading or just to sit or work. This like the man cave is a place of privacy even if just for a short time that can be decorated in any way imaginable.

Shed Visibility

Sheds today are treated much different by some people than sheds of the past that were just there. Instead, it can become a focal point in the yard with a stepping stone pathway to the door, flowers planted along the path and around the shed or flower boxes attached if it has windows. The structure can also be set inside of the flower garden making it convenient for working in the garden. This can give it a mythical look of a fairy house. Sheds also come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. This means it is possible to choose a style and color that will complement the …

7 Home Decor Trends of 2018

With last year’s home decor designs centering around jungle prints and metallic, it is good to consider what this year’s trends will be. Here are the top predictions that you may want to keep up with in 2018

TMF 家匠

1. Rich Colors

While blacks, whites, and grays may be neutral colors and can complement anything, color is meant to be in this year. More moody colors are the most popular, such as violets, navy blues, and dark emerald greens taking the lead in popular colors to use. These will make both walls and furniture pieces stand out.

2. Dark Wood Tones

Moving away from the more pale and bleached woods of recent years, now we are moving towards more dark wood tones. These work great with just about any color, such as brass, gold, and even other metallic shades and handles. It showcases the natural beauty of this wood.

3. Global Influences

With more travel lately comes more inspiration, and global influences can be seen all around. Earthly shades, such as clay, ochre, and even terracotta work perfectly with most travel-inspired prints, and combining small prints with large designs work out wonderfully.

4. Artisan Textures

Texture is booming this season, and the natural handmade feel makes the room much more cozy and appealing. You can achieve a lot by playing around with textures and colors, and see what pops out and feels best for the space and surroundings. Different textures also work best as well, giving you a more hands-on approach to your fashion.

5. Plants

Tropical plants have been popular for a while and is still growing strong. These more rich green plants look ravishing alongside the darker wood tones and moody colors mentioned earlier. The tropical looks and leaf prints are a great and cheap way of making your rooms look both lively and fun.

6. Metallic
As we mentioned before, more metallic accents, like handles, work perfectly with the dark wooden tones. Brass, for example, is striking with the dark natural wood as an accent. This can be seen rather inexpensively using lamps and mirrors, which are easier to trade out than larger, and more expensive, furniture pieces.

7. Pineapple Prints

To go along with the more tropical themes, pineapple is back in style! Pineapple print designs go along with cactus as a good way to incorporate a more tropical island feel to your home, making it feel like a vacation at home. This works out even better in the bathroom, such as shower curtains!

Experimenting and finding the best colors and prints to match for every room in your house is part of the fun of interior design. TMF 家匠 recommends that you utilize them in a way that feels right for you, as it is your home first and foremost.…

Top 4 Reasons to Use Vinyl Wall Art Stickers in Your Home

Whether you’re looking to improve the look of your newly bought home or wanting to turn your less attractive home into a thing of beauty, vinyl wall art stickers are the way to go. You can visit this website to give you an idea of what’s available.

Those who are not aware of vinyl stickers write them off thinking they are ‘just stickers’, as they’re not aware of the uses of vinyl stickers.

There are many reasons to use vinyl stickers to decorate your home. Firstly, they are budget friendly. Secondly, they don’t require heavy maintenance like most decor items do. So, vinyl stickers are a perfect fit when it comes to decorating homes.

Here are top 4 reasons to use vinyl wall art stickers in your home:

1. Apply In Minutes

Imagine getting a piece of art painted on a wall. It takes hours to complete and even more hours to dry. Vinyl stickers on the other hand, don’t make you wait. The thing with vinyl stickers is that you can apply them in a few minutes.

All you need to do is remove the application tape from the sticker and put the sticker on the wall.

The right way to remove it is to grab it by the edges and peel slowly. You must do it slowly as being in a haste can result in issues.

Once done, stick them to the wall of your choosing and run a flat surfaced object over it to make it stick firmly.

That’s how easy it is to apply a vinyl sticker. Plus, there is no hassle to wait for the sticker to dry.

2.  Nothing Gets Messy

There may be a plethora of options to choose from when you want to enhance your home’s interior or exterior, but a lot of them involve mess.

You may require tools, extra hands to help you manage everything and a bit of cleaning once it’s done. However, nothing of the sort needs to be done when you apply vinyl stickers.

No tools or extra labor is required to apply them on a wall. One person can do the job in a jiffy, and there is no ‘after care’ either.

3. Removing Them Is a Piece Of Cake

Stickers have an image of damaging the surface they are stuck on, especially when you remove them. However, such is not the case with vinyl stickers.

Removing them doesn’t require you to be a pro at it or use various tools. It can come off by simply grabbing it from te edges and exerting an outward force, but very gently.

In case, you can’t get a hold of the edges, pass little bit of heat around the edges to make them come off and it would make it easier to remove them.

Once removed, you can reuse them and apply them again where you desire, given that they are still sticky.

4. They Can Be Customized

Use your creativity to come up with unique and customized …