October 31, 2020


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An inside view of the House Bill 6 corruption investigation: This Week in the CLE

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A prominent lobbyist charged in the House Bill 6 corruption probe is sharing his perspective on the investigation.

And Andrew Tobias, the reporter the powerbroker talked to, is on This Week in the CLE to share what he learned.

Listen online here.

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Here are the questions we’re answering today:

What did Neil Clark, one of the people charged in the HB6 bribery scandal, have to say in an interview with reporter Andrew Tobias? The prominent lobbyist charged as part of a federal corruption probe into House Bill 6 says he believes the case includes secret recordings made by mysterious businessmen who hired him to help influence Ohio sports betting legislation. He now suspects they were the FBI.

Didn’t we ask this question yesterday? What’s the new Ohio one-day record for coronavirus cases? And how many have shown up in schools? How many counties have gone red on the risk chart? Ohio set a record for the third time in a week, with 2,178 coronavirus cases reported Thursday. Twenty-nine of Ohio’s 88 counties – including Cuyahoga County – are now on red alert. That’s 85% of Ohioans. And Ohio reported 589 new student cases in K-12 schools and 292 of school staff.

How did Shaker Heights police resolve the case of the officer who gave the finger to Black Lives Matter protesters the night of the presidential debate in Cleveland? Shaker Heights fired the officer.

What are the big dreams for remaking Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and how much might they cost? Hopkins has unveiled three visions for a remodeled, expanded airport, including one version with a completely new terminal.

Who’s the most loyal Ohio Republican to Donald Trump, and who’s the least? Rep. Bill Johnson wins most loyal to Trump, while Sen. Rob Portman rates the lowest.

Why can’t Ohio compel voters to wear masks if they vote in person at the polls? Because officials don’t want to challenge the constitutional right to vote. Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose offered guidance to counties before early voting began that while poll workers must be masked, voters – while strongly encouraged – cannot be turned away for not wearing one.

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