African Home Decor Updates – Bamboo African Home Decor

African home decor has emerged as the premier interior design using earth friendly bamboo. I'll explore the many benefits and inroads fast growing tree continues to make in the home decor industry.

Thanks to modern processing methods, literally every room in your home can incorporate some form of decor using a bamboo theme. Whether it's bamboo wall decor, window covering, floors, or furniture, bamboo adds an exotic look to any home interior.

Bamboo home accents compliment your decor, adding just the right touch of adventure and intrigue to any indoor or outdoor space. Like most African interior designs, bamboo is adaptable, versatile and timeless beauty. In addition, it requires a minimum of care to continue giving the indoor or outdoor area of ​​your home that exotic look.

As an environmental asset bamboo sits at the top of the list of conservationist, ecologist and environmentalist. Why? Because it's the fastest growing tree on earth. That makes the popular plant plentiful, quickly replaceable, and highly green – environmentally. All qualities ecologists, conservationists, and environmentalists love.

Yes, with a growing demand for conservation and attention to the environment, bamboo interior related products continue to increase in popularity and demand. Bamboo continues at the forefront of the "green" building, room design, and home decor movement – including African interior accents and accessories.

To many African cultures bamboo is a symbol of adaptability, strength, and endurance, all qualities of a happy and abundant life. Bamboo furniture and other products continue to quietly replace furniture coming from trees that require decades to grow to maturity. The tree grows 10 to 20 times faster than the average hard wood trees used in today's expensive furniture and other products.

Bamboo trees conveniently grow near, around or next to areas of the world with some of the largest populations. This makes it a natural material for building and other home accessory uses, because of its fast growing ability.

Because of its timeless elements, bamboo home furnishings is economic. Why? Because the style last for years. So, you do not have to replace bamboo home decor as often as other home decor. In fact, many types of bamboo furniture and other home decor accessories beautify more with age, like a fine wine.

Interior designers continue to integrate more bamboo in African home decor projects from the front door to the backyard Why? Because of its functionality, value, and lasting style.

African interior design ideas can stretch to your windows. Interior temperature control, in addition to an African affected theme can come from using bamboo window covering. For example, a bamboo shade can add a soothing texture and visual interest to your windows.

Including bamboo in your African room interior design plans can help you save money, add interest to any space in your home, and help the environment all at the same time. With today's technology and processing methods and techniques, bamboo continues to appear in more home decor products.

Do yourself, your wallet and the environment a favor and …

Interior Design Ideas To Decorate Your Home In Your Style

There are many unusual interior design ideas that you can use to make your home stand out and shine. A beautifully done-up home is no less than a personal heaven you can create out of your imagination and creativity. Even better you can do it yourself without having to hire an interior decorator and pay huge amount of money. Below are a few points on how you can dress up your home.

Wall Paint: Your choice of wall paint can make a drastic change in the appearance of your home. There are numerous interior design ideas that can spring out from wall paints that you can pick as per your taste. For instance if your home plays host to a lot of parties and you need to give it a glamorised makeover, then paints with metallic, shimmer and gloss effects will do the trick. If you prefer a sobered approach, then matte finish paints in your favorite color will let you explore the most. You can even go with vivid colors to bring across your lively and cheerful quotient.

Accessories: When it comes to accessorizing the home many times people commit blunders. To avoid such situations accessorize you home keeping in mind a single theme. Interiors can make your home eye catching; use them in the right way. If you have chosen a bold color theme for your wall, then subtle color furnishings can create a balance. If your walls are light colored you can play around with colors. From the furniture to the bed sheets there is an ample scope for experimentation and customization in everything you place in your home. For getting some help on interior design ideas you can hunt for home decorating tutorials available online.

Flooring: The flooring plays a vital role in your home decor plan. Using options like tiles, wood, vinyl etc you can go in sync with your choice of theme for the flooring work. Gone are the days of gray, brown and white floors used to dominate, you can pep them and let your visitors get floored by them.

Lighting: Lights are used in every corner of the home. From its most basic use ie to dispel darkness to getting the cozy effect or making a cramped space look spacious; use of lights can make a major difference in the way your home looks. Using fixtures and chandeliers in different colors, shapes and designs works the best.

The interior design ideas discussed about above combined with your inspiration can get your home the look you always wanted. It is not always necessary to place expensive furniture pieces and accessories to give your home a distinct appearance, even the basics used smartly can help. There is no limit to your innovation when designing your home. …

Interior Design Advice

When it comes to home improvement, there are a number of factors that come into play when designing your dream home. There are so many little decisions to make, and so many projects to be completed, it can be overwhelming. By the time it’s over, you’ll need to book a trip with Travelocity to deal with the stress. However, I think we can all agree that it’s worth it once you see your perfect dream home come to life before your eyes. Now, all you have to do is figure out what perfect looks like to you. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

First and foremost, consider using a theme in your home. A theme can give your home a unifying feeling that ties the whole home together and brings your whole home to life. One example of such a theme is an oceanic theme. Such a theme would start with a palette evocative of the ocean, so you’d want to use colors such as a greens and blues like teal, seafoam, and cyan. Then, you’d want to add on theme decor, such as seashells, anchors, vintage diving gear replicas, nauticals stars, and more. You can also use posters, paintings, and photos that are on theme to complete this picture. Keep in mind that you don’t have to commit to a single theme across your whole home. You could do a unique theme for each room, a single themed room, or anything in between.

Another way to create your dream home is consider the flow of your living space. Go into your living room right now, or if you’re using your phone or a laptop to read this, just look up, and look at the space between the furniture as a series of invisible pathways. Your goal when designing your new dream home is to make those pathways as easy and care free to navigate as possible. After all, you don’t want to navigate a labyrinth every time you need to get to the bathroom. So, make sure to maximize the efficiency of the paths from room to room and from one point of interest to the next within a room for the utmost enjoyment of your space.…

Unique Kitchen Decor with Mosaic Medallions

Looking for something unusual for your new kitchen or renovation? Consider the practical beauty of handcrafted mosaics for a unique touch. Mosaic medallions set in your backsplash, walls, tabletops or floors offer the beauty of one-of-kind handcrafted works of art, and the practicality of wipe-clean surfaces.

Mosaic medallions come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns and motifs, suitable for almost every kitchen design from sleek ultra-modern to warm classic designs. Mosaics can be made from a variety of material, including marble, slate, glass or combinations of materials. By nature, mosaics are composed of many, many pieces of these material fashioned into unlimited patterns and designs.

Dean Avey of Artisan Mosaics in Toronto points out that, "Our mosaics are created from thousands of tiny hand-cut pieces of marble.

Mosaic medallions or marble carpets offer unique flooring alternatives for kitchens and eating areas. Set in ceramic tile or hardwood flooring, mosaics create the feeling of area rugs in these high traffic areas. As opposed to rugs and mats, mosaics afford homeowners easy clean-up and eliminate tripping hazards. Like an area rug, flooring mosaics can help to delimit space in open concept environments.

Mosaic medallions can also be set in table-tops or breakfast bars, on walls and in frames as practical, unique forms of art for your kitchen and many other areas in the home as well. Whatever the application, mosaics will add a touch of distinction to your decor. …

Simple Home Decorating Tips

Every homeowner tries to make their home more presentable and comfortable without spending too much on home décor or improvement. You can use simple techniques to decorate your home and thereby increase the aesthetics by a large amount. It is not only very expensive to hire a professional home decorator but also quite unnecessary. While trying to redecorate your home, you can keep the following aspects in mind which are very simple to follow by all.

First of all you must choose to have tasteful furniture and accessories during home decoration. You need not buy very expensive furniture set for this. You can get some good sets in a thrift store or garage sales. But you must be clear about the theme of your home décor and stick to it at all cost. It is also better to select furniture in wood. You can get ideas for home decoration from family, homes of friends or from decorating magazines.

You can secondly decide on carpets and walls after you have got the matching accessories and furniture. This depends a lot on your budget and how much of overhauling you seek to do in your home. It is also true that the carpet and walls are not likely to be the best match for the rest of your house, as the home builders may not know what type of furniture you would have. It is reliably easy to get the painting done and you can do it in such a way that you can add to the aesthetic value to your home by having a nicely colored wall.

The most difficult part of decorating your home is identifying what small Touches you can make so that the overall theme and mood of the house can be improved. For this you have to look at the big picture and think about what things to change creatively and differently. You can make use of many other sources for inspiration. You can just buy a few interior design magazines and look at the rooms featured there to have the best of ideas easily and quickly. Most of the rooms featured may have been designed by professionals. By looking at the intricate details that are featured there you can figure out ways to apply the same thing to your home. You must however ensure that the intricate details suit the style and color scheme of your overall decor. …

Pot Racks – 5 Reasons Why Pot Racks Improve Your Kitchen

What is it about pot racks that add so much style to an otherwise average kitchen?

It really is like magic. Sure, you have to put in a little thought to make sure you pick the right rack for your decor. Is a hanging pot rack perfect for your kitchen or would a wall mounted pot rack fit better with the design of your space? Every kitchen is different but when you find the right rack it makes a world of difference.

There are very few things that you can buy for a home that make as big an aesthetic improvement for so little money and so little difficulty in installation.

Where are you storing your pots and pans right now?

I'm guessing the majority of you were like me. I used to have my pots and pans in one cabinet below the silverware. I had to bend down and struggle to get the pan I needed. I'm not exactly sure if this falls under some kind of Murphy's Law thing but somehow the pan I needed was always at the bottom of the stack. Sound familiar? I got tired of the loud banging, the scratching and chipping of my cookware, and the difficulty of physically recovering my pots and pans.
These cookware holders offer more than just convenience though. Honestly, if we were willing to just hang anything on hooks simply because it made things more convenient, then our homes would look quite different. Imagine your bathroom with multiple rolls of toilet paper, your cleaning supplies, and a plunger hanging on hooks from the ceiling. Unpleasant. No, racks for your pots and pans are more than just convenient. The real appeal of these holders are how they significantly improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

We spend an awful lot of time in our kitchens. I think we owe it to ourselves to create an environment that is more pleasant.

Pot Racks:
• Preserve the surface and, therefore, the life of your cookware.
• Maintain the appearance of your pots and pans.
• Keep your kitchen quieter.
• Preserve the health of your back and knee with no more bending and awkward lifting.
• Make your kitchen pop with style and class!

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which rack to choose. There are essentially two main types of pot racks and two main shapes.

The two types are hanging and wall mounted. If you have an island design in your kitchen or simply have lots of room, then a hanging rack is a beautiful look. The wall mounted racks work perfectly if space is a bit more limited or if the design of your kitchen simply lends itself to that particular type. Both of these offer the same level of convenience.

The two shapes that you will find most often are round and rectangular. While rectangular is far more popular, I myself love the look of the round hanging racks. With the …

The Difference Between Desk and Table Lamps

Desk and table lamps may at first seem to be the same thing but there is most definitely a slight difference in these two items as regards their functionality.

Table lamps might be seen as the more decorative type of lamp, perhaps used for some armchair reading but typically just to add more light to a room. In the case of Tiffany style table lamps, it is easy to see how these types of lamps can also be used as a decorative piece by day.

Desk lamps on the other hand have a more definite function as they are used to provide light for tasks (and therefore are used for task lighting). Ideally used for work such as computer work, studying, typing etc. Desk lamps and study lamps are synonymous as these can either be placed on a desk, or can be fitted or connected to a shelf or other piece of the furniture nearby. Usually these are fixed using a clasp or clamp.

Clamp-on task lights occupy very little of the precious desk space but tend to only really fit properly/adjust properly in a limited number of places. Many desk lamps come with an adjustable or bendable neck which allows the light source to be twisted around and aimed at an angle that most suits the person who is working.

Also, desk lamps tend to be more functional looking and are just one color, made from plastic/metal and quite plain. But they tend to be quite cleverly engineered to allow them to be bent into many different positions and angles easily and usually with one hand and a light touch and they also need to have quite a heavy base and be sturdy so that they do not tip over easily.

Table lamps and lighting are available in a huge range of styles, designs and sizes. It is not uncommon for the purely decorative table lamps to have intricately adorned lamp bases carved out of expensive materials such as marble. By virtue of being decorative, table lamps lend themselves to much personal design taste because they serve as ornamental objects as well.

Table lamps also provide a nice source of light with which to highlight objects that are placed near the lampshade and effectively bask in the light of the lamp.

One thing to look out for when purchasing a table lamp is that there should be no glare emanating from the lamp and this is best checked when you are seated, given that most table lamps are placed on a table beside an armchair. Pay particular attention to the lamp height and also to the accompanying lampshade – as a fairly deep shade is needed to avoid glare.

It is possible to coordinate the lampshade of your table lamps with the fabric and furnishings of your room and there are companies that make shades professionally if you want the lamp shade fabric to closely match the rest of the decor in the room.

Task or desk lighting on …

B&B Supplies – Supermarket Or Wholesaler

When it comes to running a B&B, every decision rests with the proprietor. How much to charge, how many pieces of toast with breakfast, what to have on your website, how much to spend on marketing, the list goes on and on.

When it comes to B&B Supplies of the toiletries nature there is a vast amount of difference in proprietors attitudes to what their guests want, need and expect. Take shampoo and shower gel for example. Some proprietors offer a regular tube that might be purchased at a local supermarket, some offer mini shower gels or shampoo’s and some offer none at all.

Now let’s explore the cost and impact of each of these decisions:

• Supermarket purchased B&B Supplies:

As an average, most supermarket shower gel / shampoo costs approximately 6-7 pence per ml, if you don’t believe me go and check it out at a supermarket’s website. At most specialist B&B Suppliers who offer mini tubes average the price is around 3.5 – 4.5 pence per ml but I have seen it as low as 1.8 pence per ml in the past. And that was not a particularly low quality fluid or low quality packaging.

The impact of using supermarket bought guest amenities is as follows:

Firstly there is a mild perception of bad hygiene. This is because the customer is forced to use the same item in the shower as a previous guest (or guests). Secondly, there is actually the perception that not as much care or attention has been put into the guest as could have been. Thirdly the proprietor has to remember to pick up a new batch every time they run low. Finally there is no control over how much product the customer uses. I know that in my home certain people (who will remain nameless) use about 10 times more shampoo than is actually needed for clean hair, the same applies to shower gel and toothpaste. Add this tendency to overuse to the increased cost per ml and you’re looking at spending around 4-5 times more on guest amenities if they are purchased from a supermarket.

• Miniature Tubes Purchased from a specialist B&B Supplier:

As I mentioned before with regards to cost, the average price of fluids from a specialist B&B supplier is around 3.5 – 4.5 pence per ml with it being available for as low as around 1.8 pence per ml.

The impact of using miniature B&B Supplies is as follows:

It comes in individual tubes which are usually pretty visually appealing, adding to the decor of your establishment. Your guest feels as if they are getting more value for their money plus they feel more hygienic and perceive your bed and breakfast to be more professional. At the same time you get to control the amount of product your guests use, if you get someone who insists on using a lot more then you provided, they can ask for more. Inform them at check in that if they …

Home Gym Decor Need Not Be An Exercise In Frustration

The decision to build a home gym is extremely a commitment to your health, well-being and to your body but it should not be an exercise in frustration or in one of futility. The road to looking good is about more than just feeling good and feeling confident, it's about creating a home gym space with decor that is at once functional but is also able to speak to your goals, and to your personality. The advantages of building a gym at home are many, not the least of which include privacy should you prefer or require it; a time savings otherwise traveling to and from the gym; never having to wait for a machine or apparatus to free up; and of course, the convenience of working out at your own pace, on your own time, and at your own convenience. In fact, a recent survey by the International Health, Racquet and Sports Association (IHRSA), revealed that fully 67% of people who go to fitness centers also own home exercise equipment.

The creation of your home gym space should start with the physical space itself. Much like a home office, trying to find a space to work or workout it is almost as challenging as the task itself. If, however, your goal is to create a workout regimen, a dedicated space should be your goal from the outside. Plan accordingly.

Your home gym can be as simple or as sophisticated as your budget can afford. It may be as simple a space for a skipping rope and a set of dumbbells. It may require a little more room to position a yoga mat and a Pilates ball affording you the ability to stretch without limitation. Or it may demand ample space for a fully equipped gym including your elliptical machine, treadmill, rowing machine and your full weighting system. A home gym space within your bedroom affords privacy. A home gym in the family room may offer additional stimulation provided by the television.

Finally, the creation of a home gym decor scheme extremely comes down to you. At the very least it should provide stimulation and motivation. As such, four decor elements can help you reach your goals. The first is a mirror so you can monitor your progress. The second is motivational posters. Again, you may choose to borrow from your home office, the other home space where success is the prime motivator in completely the task at hand. The third décor element is celebrity posters of your choice. It may be a red carpet moment. It may be a bathing suit on a beach. In either instance, it helps create an image in your mind to which you can aspire. The last, borrowing elements from each of the three previously listed comes from the world of sports. Whether a team, a sport or an individual player success, motivation and peak performance are fully imbued in the sports heroes we pay homage to. And with those million dollar salaries earned, …

Bamboo Floor Lamps – The Advantages That Come With the Territory

Ensuring proper lighting of your home is an integral part of home decor. While some people prefer chandeliers, there are others who feel that the bulbs or tube lights will be able to do the job of lighting efficiently. However, there is another form of lighting that one can opt for to add an exotic touch to the aesthetics of the house! Yes, we are talking about the floor lamps.

Though there are many types of floor lamps in the market, the one that has been able to deliver the best is the bamboo floor lamp. There are a lot of advantages that come with the territory when you opt for the bamboo floor lamp. In fact, with the growing awareness of these lamps, a lot of people are now opting for this as the lighting of choice. Let us take a quick look at why the lamp is gaining popularity by the day.

Advantage #1: Portable

Have you ever thought about the amount of time and effort it would take to move the tube light or the chandelier from one place to the other? Well, it definitely is not going to be an easy task. This is where this type of lamp gains an upper hand over its other lighting counterparts. You can vary the place of this lamp as and when desired without too much effort. This enables you to vary the lighting of the room every day and make it look different.

Advantage #2: Versatility

This lamp is available in a number of shapes and sizes. You can buy the type of lamp that blends well with the interiors of your house. You can also vary the colors of the lights in the room based on the occasion with ease. It is easy to change the bulbs in these lamps effortlessly, thus giving you an option to experiment with varied colors.

Advantage #3: Shockproof

This is by far one of the biggest advantages of the bamboo floor lamp. Electrocution is a main concern when handling various types of lighting equipments. However, with the bamboo floor lamp, you can be rest assured that the chances are minimal. Since they are made of wood, they protect you from electrical shocks which can, at times, prove to be fatal.

And if you thought that you would have to pay through your nose to buy the bamboo floor lamp, think again! These lamps are priced economically, thus making it accessible for a larger chunk of people.…