October 23, 2020


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Chris Christie: ‘I let my guard down’ at the White House after being careful for seven months

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who spent a week in the intensive care unit to get treated for the coronavirus, expressed regret on Friday for letting his guard down on the White House grounds recently.

“I let my guard down. It was wrong. It was just a big mistake,” Mr. Christie said on ABC’s “Good Morning America. “I was doing it right for seven months and avoided the virus. I let my guard down for a couple of days inside the White House grounds, and it cost me in a significant way.”

Mr. Christie attended a Rose Garden event for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett last month that appears to be linked to at least several COVID-19 cases.

“It was a mistake,” he said. “I was led to believe that all the people that I was interacting with at the White House had been tested, and it gave you a false sense of security.”

He was also part of President Trump’s debate prep for Mr. Trump’s Sept. 29 bout with Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden.

Mr. Trump tested positive for the virus a few days later and spent several days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as a result.

“I heard the president say last night that he has no problem with masks — I think we should be even more affirmative about it,” Mr. Christie said. “We need to be telling people that there is no downside to wearing masks, and in fact there can be a great deal of upside.”

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