October 23, 2020


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Interior styling dominated by new-look classics and lashings of curves | The Canberra Times


Curves, arches and new looks for old favourites will dominate interior trends this season, according to Carpet Court forecasters. “Relaxation is always high on the agenda, but with most of us spending more time at home than ever, we’re looking to create spaces where we feel safe and cocooned too,” says Heather Nette King, interior stylist and Carpet Court style ambassador. “The classic looks re-emerging this season feel timeless and reassuring. But make no mistake, there’s nothing old-fashioned about them – contemporary touches and careful editing give them a thoroughly modern appeal.” Two of the biggest looks are referred to by Nette King as Modern Mono and Euro Retro. “Modern Mono is a contemporary take on the classic monochromatic look,” she says. “With its clean, graphic lines and simple palette of black, white and touches of grey, it has a timeless and sophisticated feel. But rather than the angular lines and harsh contrasts we usually associate with this aesthetic, today’s version is soft and refined, with rounded lines, textural, natural touches and plenty of breathing space.” Attention to detail is everything with this look. “Fabrics are tactile and beautiful, and small details such as exposed seams and contrast stitching pack a powerful punch,” says Nette King. Meanwhile, the Modern Mono look works equally well in older and contemporary homes. According to Nette King, you don’t need soaring ceilings or period features to pull it off – it’s all about palette and material choices. “To create this look in your own home, work from the ground up,” she says. “Gorgeous flooring is the hero feature and creates the basis of this look. Complete the look by adding in furniture with simple, fuss-free lines and curved backs, crisp linens, and touches of brass and marble.” If you love colour and all things glam, the Euro Retro trend is guaranteed to set your pulse racing. “Rich, jewel tones feel decadent and exciting, and make for an irresistible combination when paired with retro-inspired furniture and luxurious fabrics,” says Nette King. “The Euro Retro look stems from our ongoing love affair with art deco and mid-century styling. It features many of the hallmarks of designs from these periods, including furniture with exaggerated curves, statement lighting, terrazzo flooring and touches of bling. But it’s brought up-to-date with minimalist detailing and a careful approach to colour. “While it’s a natural choice for heritage homes, this look translates well to contemporary abodes too. Use it to up the luxe factor in cosy spots such as a bedroom or study, or to add drama to a dining room. “The key to success with this look is not to over-do it with the colours. Limit your primary palette to three or four hues – we chose teal, amethyst, amber and gold. Then, select furniture and accessories in curvy, retro shapes, from sofas and armchairs to a striking arc floor lamp.”


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