October 28, 2020


Home Improvement

Karl Lohnes: Treat yourself to some countertop luxury in the kitchen

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I’ve been cooking more at home during the pandemic and I’ve surprised myself with the success of some of the sweet and savoury Instagrammable delicacies I’ve made. Plus, cooking has been very therapeutic.

I’ve learned to appreciate the good knives I invested in years ago, that French cast-iron pan gifted to me, and the dishwasher that seems to be constantly running cleaning up after me. I decided to invest in the appliances that help me become an even better home chef!

Of course, a fantastic meal can be made with essential tools, like a stove, but a couple of fancy bells and whistles can make the cooking process a much more enjoyable and efficient experience (plus they help to upgrade the look of my 12-year old kitchen). Do I need these? Let’s just say that once tried, I may never go back.

A countertop machine with super powers

I’m always on the lookout for a kitchen helper that performs more than one function, and I think I’ve found the most versatile machine on the market. The Vorwerk Thermomix TM6 is a super-powerful blender that also cooks, sautés and stirs. It replaces a rice cooker, blender, coffee mill, smoothie machine, slow cooker, yogurt maker, sous vide, steamer — the list goes on and on. Did I mention it also has a built-in scale, making measuring ingredients a breeze? It also preps — it chops, sautés and mixes, which means minimal cleanup because everything but the frying and baking happens in the generously-sized stainless bowl.

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