October 21, 2020


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This Gold Ceramic Christmas Tree Will Add To A Hint Of Shine To Your Decor

Photo credit: RJ Legend
Photo credit: RJ Legend

From Delish

Just when you think you’ve loaded up on all the Christmas decorations that you can fit in your home, you find one that you have no choice but to get. This year, that piece is RJ Legend’s ceramic trees, which come in a variety of colors, but we have our eye on the metallic ones.

These types of ceramic trees typically come in green — and the brand has that color, too — but for those who want to step away from the classic, you might reach for the reflective gold (technically champagne) and silver ones. They’ll add the shine you thought you could only get from holiday lights.

The green tree only comes in a 15-inch style — however, the gold and silver come in 15-inch ($49.99) and 9.6-inch ($29.99) options. The larger option has 50 colorful lights covering the branches and there’s a star at the top, of course. All you need are three AA batteries to bring the magic, so you don’t need to worry about hiding wires or an outlet making you decide where to put it.

You might recognize this tree style from the black Halloween one that took off the past couple of years. Now you just have to swap out that spooky version for one of these Christmas-ready ones. There’s nothing like combining a vintage decoration with a modern take!

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