5 Benefits Of Having Your Wedding Service In A Chapel As Opposed To Gardens

Are you having a wedding soon? Well, you have two options on where to have your service; a wedding chapel or a garden. Which one is better? For one, it will definitely depend on the weather! However, both of them do have their benefits and this article will enlighten more on the advantages of having a wedding service in a chapel.

• Best for cold seasons

If you are not sure of how the weather is going to behave on the most important day of your life, you are better off in a chapel. Some people may find it old-fashioned but the setting it creates is just right for a wedding. With a garden wedding service, the weather may turn on you and cause a disaster; strong winds, heavy rain, too hot or too cold.

• Perfect ambience

Wedding chapels have a great ambience for such occasions. From the architectural beauty, to the structural designs to the small details such as window frames and panels, all having unique shapes and forms. All these elements are what make a chapel special and holy place to have a special occasion such as a wedding.

• Photogenic!

Today, people are going out of their way to take great wedding photos; near lakes, game reserves, on vintage cars, bikes, pools etc. Why not use a chapel for the same purpose? Of course, you have to take one with your parents and in-laws at the entrance; that has been there for a while now, but use the unique structure to lighten your photo session! Some ideas could be sitting next to the piano or standing at the altar, anything that will make your photos look out of this world! Chapels always have beautiful venues and well-maintained surroundings.

• Inexpensive

As compared to gardens, chapels do not charge as much when it comes to renting their venue. For members of the church, you are most likely going to be given the venue at lower rates than non-members. In fact, if you have been good to the church, you might have your service at your chapel at no cost! Therefore, if you plan on a low-cost wedding, you better start going to church.

• Welcoming

Unlike other faiths, the chapel leaders do not restrict people who are not believers of the same faith. This way, it is advantageous to the almost-married couple since they have the freedom to invite anyone! This can be an ideal place for couples of different religious beliefs.