7 Home Decor Trends of 2018

With last year’s home decor designs centering around jungle prints and metallic, it is good to consider what this year’s trends will be. Here are the top predictions that you may want to keep up with in 2018

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1. Rich Colors

While blacks, whites, and grays may be neutral colors and can complement anything, color is meant to be in this year. More moody colors are the most popular, such as violets, navy blues, and dark emerald greens taking the lead in popular colors to use. These will make both walls and furniture pieces stand out.

2. Dark Wood Tones

Moving away from the more pale and bleached woods of recent years, now we are moving towards more dark wood tones. These work great with just about any color, such as brass, gold, and even other metallic shades and handles. It showcases the natural beauty of this wood.

3. Global Influences

With more travel lately comes more inspiration, and global influences can be seen all around. Earthly shades, such as clay, ochre, and even terracotta work perfectly with most travel-inspired prints, and combining small prints with large designs work out wonderfully.

4. Artisan Textures

Texture is booming this season, and the natural handmade feel makes the room much more cozy and appealing. You can achieve a lot by playing around with textures and colors, and see what pops out and feels best for the space and surroundings. Different textures also work best as well, giving you a more hands-on approach to your fashion.

5. Plants

Tropical plants have been popular for a while and is still growing strong. These more rich green plants look ravishing alongside the darker wood tones and moody colors mentioned earlier. The tropical looks and leaf prints are a great and cheap way of making your rooms look both lively and fun.

6. Metallic
As we mentioned before, more metallic accents, like handles, work perfectly with the dark wooden tones. Brass, for example, is striking with the dark natural wood as an accent. This can be seen rather inexpensively using lamps and mirrors, which are easier to trade out than larger, and more expensive, furniture pieces.

7. Pineapple Prints

To go along with the more tropical themes, pineapple is back in style! Pineapple print designs go along with cactus as a good way to incorporate a more tropical island feel to your home, making it feel like a vacation at home. This works out even better in the bathroom, such as shower curtains!

Experimenting and finding the best colors and prints to match for every room in your house is part of the fun of interior design. TMF 家匠 recommends that you utilize them in a way that feels right for you, as it is your home first and foremost.