9 Type of Area Rugs You May Want to Know About

When you look at a picture of a nice room, what are the things you notice? Nice lighting? The color of the furniture against the walls? The look of the furniture? Individual art pieces? A rug? All of these then some: BINGO! A rug is one of the few understated pieces of a room that can a lot to the entire look of the room. Depending on the area they are made for, these rugs often need to be carefully chosen.

Area Ahdoot Oriental Rugs are of different designs, colors, from different nations and made in different shapes. Each of these is distinctive, as they are influenced by the culture and traditions of the regions they are made in. Some of these cultures and regions are listed below:

– Persian- Turkish- Chinese- Tibetan- Navajo- Flokati- Southwestern- Oriental- Western.

There can also be patterns in the rugs. While it most certainly is a good decision to keep your rug understated, the patterns make up for the sobriety. There are geometric patterns, curvilinear and decorative patterns that suit different shapes, colors and also the tone of the room. The curvilinear patterns have the mystery and puzzling effect of a piece of art, whereas the decorative pattern can be anything, either animals or flowers or any other bit of figurative work on a rug. The geometric pattern goes really well with rooms that have sharp angles. It enhances the sharpness of the room.

It is also necessary to place the rug right under furniture. When you place a dining room table on top of the rug, for example, make sure to allow enough space even after the chair is pulled. Otherwise, the chair might be lopsided and it might cause accidents. When you place the rug in the living room, under a glass table or under the furniture, make sure to keep checking corners and ensuring that crockery or other items carrying liquids are not kept too close to the edge, because once stains appear on the rug, it is a difficult task to make them look the way they did before.

The few problems that one has to face with rugs are that of dirt accumulation and stains. While some rug makers understand these problems and have tried to make amends in their designs such that the rugs can now absorb stains, most other rugs are still susceptible to stains from the occasional spill. So take all necessary precautions beforehand, in order to avoid any accidents.

Area rugs can come in dazzling colors. Make sure to seek the opinion of a knowledgeable friend or a family member before you take the big plunge and buy a rug! Compare the options that the market closest to you offers as against online discounts and offers. Of course, there is a great difference in both the shopping styles, but for a lot of reasons on either side, both online and offline shopping offer good ways of accessing good-quality products. Simply ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase before you buy, because area rugs are a long-term investment and hence are priced accordingly. Be a discerning customer and make sure the rug you buy is for you! Happy shopping!