Add Space To Your Small Kitchen With These Decorating Ideas

A small kitchen is as challenging to decorate as a big one, but that does not mean you should stop right there and allow the size to turn you off. Here are some decorating ideas you can use for a small kitchen that will help you maximize the space and still come up with a great-looking area:

1. Think small to medium size

A small kitchen will do well with smaller items. Do not eat up the space with bulky furnishings and appliances. Go for slimmer appliances and kitchen cabinets instead. They can offer you the functions you need and will give you the space that you want.

2. Paint it big

If you're partial to dark colors, you will have to compromise. Dark colors will make your kitchen space look smaller. Choose lighter colors instead, such as taupe, light blue, white or yellow. Use these not only on your walls and ceiling but also on cabinets, countertops and appliances as well.

Light colors have a way of expanding your visuals and creating space where it is limited. They also make your kitchen look brighter and livelier.

3. Choose function over form

A small kitchen will limit the number of furnishings and appliances you can put in. Even if you have your heart set on a nice family table, you can not use it in your kitchen if it's too large.

Choose items that can have double functions. A plain work table, for example, can be used with which to prepare meals in and then double as a breakfast table or a serving table during parts. Try tables that can be extended, pulled out or retracted. These save space but also provide much needed areas you can work on.

Instead of adding more cabinets, try ceiling racks made with wrought iron or strong varnished wood. These are great places from which to hang pots, pans and cooking utensils. These items are also easier to find and store.