January 21, 2021


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After five weeks away, Jack Tame comes home to a nasty garden surprise

Jack Tame didn’t exactly receive a hero’s welcome home.


Jack Tame didn’t exactly receive a hero’s welcome home.

TVNZ journalist Jack Tame has returned home after five weeks away to a nasty surprise.

The Q+A host, who had been in the United States covering the presidential election, competed his stay in managed isolation yesterday but his welcome home didn’t quite go as planned.

In his absence Tame, 33, had organised for a trusted friend to look after the plants growing on the balcony of his inner-city apartment. Suffice to say, the friend is unlikely to be getting much work referred their way.

“I went away for five weeks . . . and my friend promised to care for my humble balcony garden (artist’s impression),” Tame wrote on his Instagram story over a tongue-in-cheek image of a lush cottage garden.

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“I returned home, my heart filled with joyous anticipation… to this.” he continued, revealing a series of shrivelled brown stalks that more closely resemble something you’d find down the back of your fridge than a thriving plant.

The mate in question insisted “I DID water them,” but the photographic evidence strongly suggests otherwise and Tame was, unsurprisingly, unconvinced, retorting “No, bro. You didn’t. R.I.P”.

While this crop of greenery does appear to be too far gone for resurrection, this need not be the end of Tame’s foray into gardening. Although he might want to consider some hardier drought resistant plants for his next try.

Perhaps he should just be thankful he didn’t ask them to feed the cat.

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