Air Quality Tech’s Air Duct Cleaning Process in Katy, Texas

Air quality is a human right. Everyone deserves to breathe fresh air. Not just at home, but also outside on the streets. Most cities have strict regulations about factories and cars polluting, but putting this problem under control is not easy.

If you can’t control it outside, you can certainly do something about it inside. The ducts inside can often become clogged by dust. Instead of cleaning the rooms, they’ll just produce more problems inside. For this not to happen, you need to maintain the system regularly.

Doing this must be done by experts. The procedure is not easy to do. In this article, we’re going to explain how it’s done. Read on and find out more about it!

Check out if it’s time to clean

The first thing before hiring the pros to clean the whole thing up or before you decide to do it yourself, you need to inspect the ducts. To be sure that it’s time for cleaning you need to take a closer look inside the hole.

Of course, if dust is visible with the naked eye without touching anything, it means you’re long due to cleaning the system. Do it immediately or call the pros at once. If you want to know how it’s done, read on and learn more about it!

Open the case

Be careful when you do this. You don’t want to create a mess that can’t be cleaned. If there’s too much dirt and there was no cleaning of it for a long time, when you open it there will be dust and dirt falling all around the place. Open the case carefully and make sure you do it slowly.

Take the vacuum cleaner

The best way to clean it up is to vacuum everything. This is the moment when you realize you can’t do it by yourself. Most people own vacs that are not powerful, long, and big enough to do the job. The professionals own big powerful machines. Learn more about this technology and see if you own the proper machines here.

What they do is first create negative pressure by operating the whole HVAC system. When they do this, they start vacuuming all the dust inside creating a safe place. The same must be done for every pipe inside the house. If you let just one of them be forgotten, you’ll let just the polluted air circle again and it will turn out that you didn’t do anything even though you spent so much time working.

Don’t forget the disinfectant

Once you do a thorough job cleaning, it’s time to put on some disinfectant. There are special bottles of liquid being sold in every market and they are over the counter chemicals. They are being used to completely destroy any bacteria left inside.

All professional companies use this. A problem appears if the pipes are not properly cleaned. When the disinfectant is added, it creates a mix of the chemical and dust particles flowing all around the place making the job useless. That tells you why it’s important to do a proper cleaning before you add the chemical.

Don’t forget the rest of the system

The machine that takes care of moving the air through the house is also an important part of the maintenance task. If you hire the pros, you’ll see that this is a standard part of the air duct cleaning process. This is the first place where the air gets inside the house so it must be given extra attention.

Also, looking closer into the machines and taking care of the dust and dirt in there will help them work better in the future and last longer. With it, you as a user will be more satisfied.


With all that we mentioned above, it’s clear what needs to be done. The problem of DIY practices is that rarely people have the proper machines to do the job alone. Professionals are needed for this and it’s best to hire them instead of trying yourself.

This is how the process of duct maintaining is done. When the pros come, you’ll know what they are doing.