Kids are playing with small trailer while you plan your moving with kids.

Moving process, which normally requires a lot of planning and organization, is easily one of the most stressful experiences you may have. Especially if you are moving with kids. Every single step and every single task becomes harder than usual. Usually, that’s because you need to worry about some details you ordinary wouldn’t. The well-being of your little ones is your primary concern so it raises the moving difficulty to the next level. However, no matter how hard it can be, if you get yourself ready you will overcome it with ease.

Moving With Kids – A Complete Guide

Instead of difficult and hard moving, it is possible to make it a funny and exciting experience for your kids. And, less stressful for you. Of course, the methods you will use will greatly depend on the age of your children. But, it’s basically the similar set of things you need to pay attention to. Websites like Master Moving Guide and many others can provide you with a good starting point in your research journey. Take a little time and spend it on browsing the internet in search of various solutions. Furthermore, besides the internet, don’t hesitate to look for help from other sources as well. Your family can help you, friends too, even babysitters and other professional services are something you might need to consider.

Moving with really small kids

Let’s start with the youngest. Babies and toddler are the most vulnerable group. However, surprisingly they can be the most resilient when it comes to moving. If you play your cards properly, your moving will be a piece of cake.

Cap: Sometimes they are unstoppable and tougher than us.

Alt: Small boy wearing a hat with style.

Preparation for moving

When moving with small kids (babies and toddlers), the most important thing is to maintain the routine. Small kids can be sensitive to changes, and they like their familiar everyday schedule unchanged. The good thing here is to call a nanny, babysitter or one of the older siblings that is very close with the kid. In other words, you need someone close and responsible who will do the job properly. This way you can direct your attention to packing, DIY tasks, organizing, finding a good moving company and arranging many other things.

Another thing is how your kids will cope with stress. Babies and toddlers are not fully aware of what is going on around them. They need to do their regular things like sleeping, eating, playing, and need to feel the love. With that, they will handle moving without problems. They can be little confused at times but it is a short-lasting condition. In fact, they adapt much better and much faster than we do. Just show them that you are there for them and prepare all the things in time.

How to deal with moving day

On a moving day, there is a couple of must-do things:

  • Take one step at a time, don’t rush.
  • Prepare a bag of essentials for the trip.
  • Be sure your baby is healthy and ready for moving.
  • Have things like car seat at reach.
  • Remain calm no matter what.

Since safety comes first, be sure your car has all the necessary equipment, starting from the baby seat. In general, everyone is planning a traveling route, however, people often forget that non-expecting things happen. Try to be ready for that too. In fact, try to have a plan B for everything. For a long-distance moving, expect that your kid will probably sleep most of the time. Take that to your advantage and plan a couple of stress release breaks. If you prefer a shorter trip go by plane. However, call the company to check about any regulation they may have for traveling with small kids.

Cap: She has all her gear ready.

Alt: Small girl playing with bubbles.

The adjustment period

First of all, your new home must be ready for your small kids. Not only ready like a beautiful and enjoyable but primary safe. Baby-proofing your new home will eliminate any potential danger to your kid. You will have to secure doors and windows, deal with sharp surfaces, edges, especially things in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Pay close attention to electrical and water installations. They attract kids’ attention more than many other things and need to be additionally secured. If there is a need, consider fences inside your home to prevent falling down the stairs and to place certain parts of your home off-limits.

The kids are tougher than us

Believe it or not, but adults will have much harder adjustment time than small kids. They are tougher and eager to learn and explore. Even if you are planning a short notice move, your kids may surprise you how well they adapt if you just talk with them. In other words, parents will have much less trouble if they speak with them and try to explain things. Even if small kids won’t understand half of the things you say, they will listen. And the tone of your voice and emotions inside it will be very helpful for them. Just bring them their toys, and set their place to look as much as possible to the old one, and you will be fine.

Moving with school-age

Even though moving with school kids is similar to moving with small kids, some things drastically differ. At that age, they already have a lot of friends. Therefore, moving means they are going to leave their friends and will have to find new ones. By all means, this is the part when you need to talk to them. And talk like with a grown person, don’t treat them as just kids. Choose the right timing because of school, take advantage of summer and include them in everything. Make plans with them, allow them to participate in packing, and renovation of home and acknowledge if they have certain suggestions. Everything else will be fine since curiosity and adventurous spirit of that age can help them adjust to new the home with ease.

Cap: Promise me interesting stuff and I can do anything.

Alt: Boy sitting and fishing.

As much as moving with kids can be similar, some “small” details are making a difference. Most likely, babies don’t care about it and will soon enough act as it didn’t happen. Toddlers will be little more aware but they won’t care much as long as it is interesting and their parents are there for them. At last, school children might react a little stronger but if you keep them occupied and promise them adventure, you will be fine. However, with all those worrying you must not forget about yourself. Don’t overreact, try to keep your calmness and take it slowly. Better to take a few slow steps forward than to run and fall.