Antique Brass Stair Rods – Adding Classic Touch And Vintage Elegance

When you have just installed stair carpets and you find your staircase pale and plain, you can actually enhance its beauty by adding stair carpet rods. Stair carpet rods as metal rods used primarily for securing carpeting in place but because of the rigid carpet installation techniques nowdays, stair rods are now considered as additional decorative features for the staircase. They may be able to add to the safety of the carpet installation when properly installed but the truth is that they really are for the sole idea of ​​adding style and elegance to the staircase.

If you worry about the style that would fit to the style of your home, you do not have to. Stair rods are available in many different styles and designs to fit most types of carpeting and to complement most home interior designs. For modern homes, solid brass and brass plated rods are available for you to choose from. Crystal tipped rods with 7 different finishes are most suitable for modern homes. If you need antique designs for your classic home, antique brass rods are also available. They can add that classic touch and vintage elegance to your staircase that matches the style of your home. Tudor and Blacksmith Collections come in decorative antique brass designs that you might want to consider.

You can find most antique rod designs online for your convenience. They are available in different finishes so you really have many options to choose from. You can even shop around for cheap brass rods if you want to save on your purchase. Such rods of any type will always be expensive most especially antique rods. They will certainly come with a price because of their unique look and style. A small savings on your design of stair rods is always worth not saving at all. Shop around now!