Arabian Themed Bedrooms For Newlyweds

The ubiquitous trend with newly weds is to go on a honeymoon … somewhere exotic, funds permitting. But would not it be utterly exhilarating if you could extend that honeymoon period with a complete makeover of the bedroom you are going to share with your partner; so that when you do return from your honeymoon – wherever that may be – your nights of lavish splendor and love may continue to blossom in your very own purposely created Arabian Boudoir? I thought as much! In this article, I will show you how to effectively bring the exoticism of Arabia into your bedroom.

What springs to mind when I think of Arabian decor is rich colors, synonymously reds, gold, oranges, possibly with a splash of cobalt blue and some tan colors as a base to balance them out. I also think luxury, bed canopies, lots of pillows with tassels and embroidery. The curtains I imagine would be soft – made made of layers of translucent gauze like material – all made in rich vibrant color. The rich array of colors is absolutely essential to pulling this look off. To draw inspiration and feel for this style of decor before you set out to getting the job done, how about going out for a meal at an authentic Middle Eastern style restaurant? Be sure to take notes while you enjoy the cuisine.

To achieve that Great Arabian feel, Silk would be my fabric of choice with emphasis on deep lustrous colors. Although red is certainly not the only color you can use, it is typical, and as it symbolizes love, it is a great color in the bedroom. However, it does not have to be primary in an Arabian bedroom. Royal blue with gold accents, despite being definitely a more masculine color, can also work extremely well. What I feel is even more important in pulling this decor together is the contrast of colors, and the intracycracy and style of the patterns in the various pieces … like floor cushions, Persian rugs, camel figurines or a genie lamp or bottle, not forgetting the quintessential tent-like canopy bed look to add an indelible signature to this really exotic look.

Without going into great expense like buying a new iron scroll bed complete with canopy, you can with relative ease achieve the look of luxury without the price tag by simply erecting a canopy over your existing bed. A few options you may want to consider to pull this off even if your bed does not have a canopy frame, is to install curtain rods to the ceiling, placing one over each end of the bed. Whether you opt for tab-top, tie-top, pinch-pleat or gathered panels really does not matter providing the fabric on each curtain rod is draped softly to the floor. Before purchasing fabric, however, do make sure you measure the length from the floor to the ceiling, without forgetting to add a margin of say 12 "to the fabric to allow for hems and puddling (where draperies are puddled on the floor for a more luxurious look).

In summary: Silk is essential to tying the Arabian décor together, and can easily be found online – and at very affordable prices. And that goes for any of the other bits and bobs you'll need to create the Arabian bedroom of your dreams with. But do make sure that you pay particular attention to deep, vibrant colors as they are the key element in creating this look. Although red is synonymous with Arabian decor and is the color of love, it does not have to be primary. Using contrasting colors and the intricacy and style of patterns does play a very big part in tying the Arabian Themed Bedroom together. The canopy bed is another essential ingredient in creating the magic of the Arabian boudoirs. That said, there are ways to cut cost by simply erecting a canopy over your existing bed. Rods attached to the ceiling, as well as rings above the four corners of your bed are a cost-effective way to achieve the look without the price tag, however, it is critically important to ensure that the fabric drapes softly to the floor.