November 28, 2021


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Bat House Plans – The Reasons Why You Should Have a Bat House in Your Backyard

Using bat house plans to build a bat house in your backyard may sound like a weird project for a large number of people. Why would you want some bats to hang around your house? There are several reasons for that. To the contrary of what most people think, bats are amazingly useful creatures.

Why Bats are Useful

One of the main reason why bats are good to have around is the fact that they eat an incredible amount of mosquitos. One single little bat can gobble up to 1,000 mosquitos within an hour. They also love to eat moth and other insects. Is it a much better option than using pesticides, since chemicals are actually killing more bats and birds than the insects themselves.

An other benefit to have bats flying around your yard is the fact that they are a great help for the spreading of pollen. It could be very helpful if you own fruit trees. They are attracted to the insects that are eating pollen and are spreading it by going from flower to flower.

And besides, bats are very entertaining to watch when they are flying around at dust.

Why Providing Them with a Bat House

In their natural habitat, bats live in trees and are able to find small, crawling spaces between layers of bark and trees to make their nests and have their babies. We all know their habitat is slowly but certainly being replaced by cities and suburbs. Since there are lesser trees for them to live in, bats will find places to nest that are not always compatible with ours.

It is very common to find bats in roofs spaces, attics, sheds and other dwellings. It seems like, no matter if we remove them and make sure they can not come back, they always find a little crawling space to go in again. The goal is to get rid of the bats inside our installations while allowing them to live around. Installing the right bat house in the backyard is a good compromise to help solve this cohabitation issue.

Why Using Plans to Build a Bath House

A typical bat house has nothing to do with a conventional bird house. It should actually be made like a flat rectangle box and it should be installed so the opening entrance is down at the bottom. The bat is going to crawl into it from the bottom up. It has to be dark inside and outside and must be made of untreated wood. Grooves must be made on the inside part to allow the bats to have something to grip themselves to climb inside and to remind them the texture of natural tree bark.

It is quite a surprising design. Nothing to do with our stylish bird houses. The emplacement is also very important. Location, location, location. When using the right bat house plans and instructions, it is easy to make a bat house that will keep the bats happy, keep them away from your house and help keeping the insect population under control.

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