January 27, 2021


Home Improvement

Beautiful Kitchen Decor That is Also Practical

Here are a few simple tips that will help you keep your kitchen functional as well as beautiful.

Be creative with glass displays. If you have glass pane cabinets, display some pretty wineglasses on the second shelf and keep the use everyday items on the bottom. You can also install extra racks that will allow you to hang some of those beautiful wineglasses. You should consider changing the decorative items in your cabinet with the changing season. You should also change the other decorations in your kitchen with the changing seasons. This includes your apron, potholders, tea towels, and other decorative items. You can have holly and mistletoe hanging around Christmas, fake bats and pumpkins around Halloween, hearts and flowers for Valentine's Day, etc …

Keep the top of your refrigerator clean. A modest display of books, especially cookbooks can be quite attractive. When you keep them at an arm's reach it increases the amount of tasty treasures that will make an appearance. Using decorative bookends makes your space looks beautiful and will also ensure that your books are not falling all over the place.

When it comes to your counter top, there are two types of people. Some people like to keep their counter top completely clear and then other people like to see everything that they own gadget wise out and ready for action. You should sit in the middle of these two types of people. If you use something almost everyday, such as a coffee pot or your food processor every night with supper, then keep it out. On the other hand if your new state of the art blender is only being used once a week or only for the holidays find a home for it within your cabinet space hidden below the scenes. Remember though that items that you have on top of your counter can also be clustered into categories that are relative to their function. If in the morning you make toast and coffee, and then have them plugged into the same outlets as they will make lovely companions to each other. If you're a mother that cooks every night, your food processor and electric can opener would make another great cluster with the same outlet.

Plants are a very positive addition to your kitchen. If you have a window in your kitchen and the available counter space, add a bit of life with a plant. If you can not remember to water them, set an alarm on your cell phone once a week that says to water plants. Everyone has a cell phone now a day and uses the alarm or calendar features on them quite frequently. A plant does not only look beautiful, but it cleans the air of the pollution and gives you oxygen in the atmosphere.

A kitchen rug can be a great solution for a kitchen that has damaged or worn out floors. These rugs can also help keep someone from slipping on the floor when it is wet and is an added comfort when you are standing for a long period of time in front of the counter, stove, or sink. Rugs are often placed at the front door whenever you come in, in front of the refrigerator or even in front of the sink for extra comfort while you do the dishes.