Caring for Water Garden Fish In Your Pond

You have space to spare in your garden. You brainstorm on what you could turn it to. Your final decision – a man-made pond. Instead of having an aquarium inside the house, you opted to have a pond in your garden and fill it up with various kinds of water garden fish.

The most popular pond garden enthusiasts construct is the koi pond. This is a bit different from the water garden because there is a limited amount of plants that you can grow here. But the good thing about having a koi pond is that koi fish is one of the best water garden fish you can actually take care of.

We suggest that the koi pond you construct hold not less than 1000 gallons. The key is the bigger the koi pond, the better. You can even put a waterfall in your pond so that the sound of the rippling water can relax you. This can even delight the koi fish that you have living there.

Plan your koi pond specifically. Always remember that the mistake most gardeners do is that they build a pond that is so small, they end up not using it because there is a limitation on how much plant and fish they can put in it. So if you are building a koi pond, make sure that the area is 3 feet deep. You can even dig 4 to 5 inches to make it deeper.

The great thing about having a pond or a water garden is the variety of plants and fish you can have to fill up the ecosystem. Water gardens adjust moderately depending on the climate. Fish living in the pond will also adjust. As long as you meet the required depth such as 2 feet deep during moderate weather and 12 to 16 inches deeper during colder seasons, then you have nothing to worry about.

Before you begin, choose the proper location to situate your pond for the benefit of the fish. Typically, most ponds are positioned near the home. Choose an area where the pond will be okay all year round. For the fish, you can position it near wildlife. The surrounding birds and butterflies will be beneficial for your fish.

You can position your pond in an area where the run off from rain does not flow towards it. Because if it does, it may bring chemical, fertilizers and organic debris into the pond which will be harmful to your water garden fish.

Leave your pond where it receives four to six hours of sunlight. Fish in the pond reside in water lilies so they have shade anyway. If you are worried about water circulation, using a pump can do all the work for you. You can put water garden systems filter on the waterfall or on the fountain. Fishes in your pond will generally benefit a lot from this kind of pond.

If your fish seem to always be above the water’s surface and you wonder whether they are just hungry or you’re already paranoid that something is wrong, the answer depends on the kind of fish that you have. Generally, if fish do this, they need oxygen. Observe their mouths. If you see them gasping for air as they are above the surface, then they need oxygen as soon as possible.

If your fish swims above the water surface, then they may just be looking for food. Observe whether there are other fish or mosquitoes which get the food you give them.

Now that we are in the topic of fish, let’s move to what you should feed them. If you have a koi fish, then it is suggested that you feed them about 6 to 10 pellets in the morning and in the evening.

It also depends whether you have a large pond. If you do then they have other microcosms for your fish to much on. If that is the case, then you do not have to feed them.

Basic rule is to not overfeed your fish. When you feed your pets, they should come above the water’s surface and eat up what you give them in a minute and so. It is advised that you have hungry fish than a fish that is always full.

Another concern is when your fish are always swimming around your pump or your filter. Of course, you will wonder whether they are getting enough oxygen. Observe them closely. If they are not on the water’s surface and their mouths are not gasping for air, then they are okay.

The thing about koi fish is that they are playful and they like to hide in different places in your pond. It can be between the water lilies or the water garden filter pump. This only means that you should go to your pet store and shop for a couple of toys for your koi fish.