Cat Tree House – What is Available For Your Kitty Cat?

There are so many variations and varieties of cat tree houses on the market today that any cat, no matter his or her personality will be totally pleased. The original idea of a pole covered with carpet and a perch on top was one of the most innovative feline favorites when it was introduced to the market. But the new additions are totally amazing. These items were originally invented to give cats exercise and induce their natural behavior but now some even blend in with your own unique style of furniture or home.

The newer versions usually include a cubby hole for the cat to hide in; and of course you know that means they pounce on you when you walk by them. Many of these towers have scratching posts with cat nip in the fabric. It’s much better to have them scratch on these than the furniture. After all, it is a behavior that is hereditary to sharpen their claws as do their descendants.

There are stairsteps with cubby holes, ramps attached and even cradles that are suspended from chains with a soft fabric to lie in as if in their own hammock. There is a brownstone design that looks so authentic you would imagine you were streetside. It is actually made out of cardboard. Cats have always loved to snoop in empty cardboard boxes and this one really satisfies that curiosity.

There are cat tree houses that are two separate bases with an adjoining ramp. These are especially delightful for a house with multiple cats so each can be close together but have their own space. Face it, some cats don’t share well. There is one design that is very Zen-like. It would be the perfect compliment to modernly furnished living rooms in its many different colors available. And the tunnels are wonderful. Cats love to play with their toys in them and hide in them or just curl up for a long nap in peace and quiet.

There are hair groomers attached to some of these towers. It is basically a spring which is formed into a curve. The cat walks through and rubs on the spring and this removes excess cat hair. The cat hair on the spring is easily vacuumed off. There are cuddle coil tunnels with only one open end. Any cat no matter how shy will feel totally secure in this with only one way in and one way out.

Finally, there are some models for the discriminating cat lover. These come in cat condo’s and penthouses.

Whatever your cats personality or yours, you can definitely find the perfect combination to suit them and yourself.