Celebrities and Their Houses in the Cotswolds

Many celebrities have found the quiet charm of the Cotswolds alluring and have moved there to get away from it all. Now, tour operators are cashing in on this, providing bus tours that allow interested fans to see where these stars live and, occasionally, get a glimpse of the stars themselves.

Who Lives in the Cotswolds?

Many famous British stars have chosen to find a home in the Cotswolds instead of in the hustle and bustle of London. Most of these make this choice because they want to live somewhere stress-free, yet with close access to the city.

Kate Winslet, the star of Titanic, is one such person who has chosen this life. She and her husband live in Church Westcote in an 8-bedroom restored manor house. While the village is proud to have her there, do not expect to see her as she does not come into town much.

Kate Moss is another celeb who has found her peace in the Cotswolds open arms. In 2004, she purchased a $ 2 million Grade II farmhouse in a small Oxfordshire village. She loves to eat at The Swan in Southrop and at Jaflong Tandoori, an Indian restaurant in Lechlade.

Other celebrities who have found their peaceful homes in this area include Elizabeth Hurley, Stella McCartney, and even Prince Charles. And Winston Churchill was buried at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, where he grew up.

How to See Celebrities

There are many different bus tours that will show you the homes of celebrities in the Cotswolds or you can use the internet to plan your own route. Of the guided tours, the Jillywood Experience is one of the most popular. Named after English author Jilly Cooper, whose home is one of the ones viewed on the tour, this is the quintessential celebrity spotting tour in the Cotswold area.

This tour leaves out of Gloucester and takes interested parties on a 70 mile jaunt through the countryside. Tour participants receive hints as to who each celebrity is when the coach passes a famous person's house, so you'll get to do more than just looking out the window. In fact, many people find that they enjoy the tour more than they think they will.

Whether you tour along or on a bus, remember to respect the privacy of the people whose homes you have come to see. While it's exciting to see a celebrity walking around in a small town, respect their privacy if you do happen upon them. Remember that the celebrities have their homes in the Cotswolds, which means they expect a little privacy and respect for their families, and they are people just like everyone else.