Chef Ramsey F Bombs Your Work?


Do you ever watch Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares? I Love that program. Especially the American version. It fascinates me how they argue and disagree with him yet he's the multi millionaire, he's the one with the 14 mitchelin stars. He's the one known worldwide and the one THEY asked to come to their restaurant and try to save it from disaster.

But they still know better than him!

While I was out in the car this morning, I had the radio playing and the DJ was talking about how, when he's cooking, he sometimes pretends Chef Ramsey is there in the kitchen with him, watching over his shoulder and scrutinizing everything he does as he prepares his food.

He even imagines Chef Ramsey going crazy, getting all red faced and hurling obscene language at him anytime he does the slightest thing wrong.

There's something special about watching someone completely flip their lid, is not there?

Especially when it's a Scotsman !! haha

There is a point to this!

This article contains gold, I promise you.

See, whatever you're doing, regardless of the field, pretending someone who's an expert in that field is standing watching over you, forces you to higher level of standards. It stops you taking shortcuts which lowers the standards of the end result.

If you're in the gym you will always do more if someone you respect is watching you. You always tidy the house if you know someone is visiting and you always dress better if you're going out, right?

In everything I do now from writing an article to building a Pay Per Click campaign I'm constantly asking myself, what would my mentor do or say in such circumstances. It does not make you as good as them but it keeps you aware of the need to be at your best.

No slacking!

There's a small percentage of the world who really care for their profession, who strive for perfection. Pretending your mentor is watching you all the time will pay off. It will help you rise above the masses in your industry and play a better game.

Try this in your business from now on. In all of your marketing, from the ad to the product and customer follow up. You'll see more leads of better quality resulting in much more sales and happy customers.

It also means more money in your pocket and flourishing business to be proud of.