Choose Your House For Chickens Carefully

As you go about choosing your house for chickens, there are three factors to make sure you do not overlook. Not spending enough time considering all the things involved in the decision will likely lead you to having to spend more in the long run.

Here are the chicken coop building considerations to think about.


Making sure you have proper ventilation through the chicken house will be vital. Decide wherever you are going to build natural windows in the chicken house to satisfy this or whatever you will opt to place fan in the house for days when it's not as breezy.

Either way you go, making sure your chickens are getting fresh air will be vital for ensuring their happiness.

Feeding System

Next, think about the feeding system you want to use with your chickens. How many birds are you planning to keep in your house for chickens? If you are housing more than seven birds, it's a good idea to use two feeding system so they can always have good access to their food at all times. Do not overlook this point.

Building Supplies

Lastly, think about the building supplies you are using. Do you get a lot of wind, snow, or rain? If so, this will have an impact on the type of supplies you are using, so be sure you're factoring that into the equation. Individuals who overlook this usually end up with some form of climate damage and need to do costs repairs.

Being sure you are clear about what you're looking for with your house for chickens will enable you to make all the smartest decisions.