July 25, 2021


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Coronavirus Infections in Trump’s Inner Circle

Two more White House staffers have tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the latest outbreak among President Trump’s aides and advisers to 11 people. At least four of them — Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, his political director, a campaign adviser leading the efforts to challenge election results and the housing secretary — attended an election night party at the White House where hundreds of people mingled for hours, many without masks.

They join at least 20 members of Mr. Trump’s administration, campaign and inner circle who have contracted the virus since late September, after an earlier outbreak among White House residence staff.

Tested Positive Since Sept. 26

Nov. 9

Ben Carson

Secretary of housing and urban development

Nov. 8

David Bossie

Adviser to the president

Nov. 7 or 8

Brian Jack

Political director

Nov. 4

Mark Meadows

President’s chief of staff

And at least 7 others before and after Election Day.

Nov. 3, Election Day

Hundreds gathered at the White House for an election night party, including Mr. Meadows, Mr. Bossie, Mr. Carson and Mr. Jack.

Oct. 24

Marc Short

Vice president’s chief of staff

Marty Obst

Adviser to the vice president

Oct. 6

Stephen Miller

Policy adviser

Oct. 5

Kayleigh McEnany

Press secretary

Oct. 3

Nicholas Luna

Assistant to the president

Chris Christie

Former N.J. governor

Oct. 2, President Trump hospitalized

Mr. Trump stayed for three nights before returning to the White House, as aides continued to test positive.

Oct. 2

Bill Stepien

Trump campaign manager

Kellyanne Conway

Political adviser

Oct. 1

Donald J. Trump


Hope Hicks

Adviser to the president

Sept. 26, Rose Garden and indoor receptions for Amy Coney Barrett

Maskless officials and guests shook hands, hugged and made conversation at these potential “super-spreader” events.

It is not clear whether the outbreaks are connected, but the recent spate of cases reflects a lax approach to preventing infections at the nation’s highest level of government — including an overreliance on rapid testing and the dismissal of mask-wearing and social distancing — that did not appear to change even after the president himself was hospitalized with Covid-19 in early October.

Tom Frieden, who served as the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under President Barack Obama, on Friday noted the lack of control measures at the White House and suggested the new cases could be a part of the same outbreak from late September.

The waves of cases have touched members of Mr. Trump’s family, campaign, administration and staff, some of whom have not isolated for recommended periods after infection and have continued to flout basic coronavirus rules.

Below is a list of individuals close to Mr. Trump who have tested positive in recent months, including at least four White House residence employees, who tested positive in an outbreak earlier in September.

Trump family


President’s son

White House administration and staff

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