Creating a Safe Nursery For Your Child

A child's nursery is often the subject of much discussion and debate. It seems as though everyone and their dog has an opinion for you about what should be in the nursery and what should not be included. Decorative themes, color schematics, and other visual elements are hotly debated. However, for most parents the ultimate priority is creating a safe nursery for your child.

To create a safe nursery, you should first evaluate everything in light of the materials from which they are made. Not everything needs to be 100% recycled or from a top of the line design house. However, every element of the child's room should be rated as safe for children. As the likelihood is high that the furniture and wallpaper will be gnawed on or serve as a very tactile play area, you will want to be sure that non-toxic materials are prevalent throughout.

Next, you will want to evaluate the edges of everything in the nursery. From handles on drawer to the legs of the chairs, each and every inch represents a surface with which a crawling or toddling infant will come into contact with at some point. Therefore, you will want to be sure that all edges are rounded or cushioned to prevent unnecessary cuts. There are many products that can fit around existing furniture items on a temporary or permanent basis to provide that protection.

For materials and edges, you will next want to evaluate spaces. For play pens and baby gate and other nursery furniture the space between slats or from the ground to a latch is an important consideration. You want the materials to adequately do their job without providing a place for your child to pin a head or an arm. You also do not want a child that should be restrained rolling through the house in a mysterious bit of escape.

By looking past the aesthetic statements, you will be better able to focus in on what is really important when you are decorating a nursery. You want to be sure that the nursery looks good, obviously, but the element that is of the utmost importance is the safety of your child. It is important to examine the materials used to make the nursery furnishings and nursery accessories. The edges of all the items in the room, and the spaces in restraint and safety features will help you be sure that you are creating an environment where your child can thrive without risk.