Creating Your Personal Contemporary Home Decor

The contemporary home décor look is achievable easily by going for a theme that uses clean lines to represent modern elements. Another good thing about contemporary home décor is that it does not require heavy decoration or richly engraved furniture. There is a huge misconception that getting a contemporary look can be difficult and expensive. In truth, you just need to know what you want to make a well rounded theme. You must remember that the goal of all contemporary themes is to make the room or house look modern, clean, and refreshing. Asian themes are the best because they make great use of clean lines and rarely on a minimal amount of decoration.

When you are planning a contemporary look for your house you must take into account things like shape, area, and color of the surroundings. These are the three basic elements that serve as the foundation for all home décor themes. As long as you start with these you are on safe ground. Things get even easier because contemporary design relationships on simplicity rather than artistry. This means that you are not going for an over the top art look but a simple look that ties on clean lines that may be complemented by a few simply geometric shapes and a few decorations.

Contemporary design relies on neutral colors like white, black, or beige. This automatically restricts your color choice and avoids confusing by throwing the whole spectrum up for choice. Of course, there is always the option of adding a dash of a bolder color, just to make something eye catching as long as it does not dominate the simplicity of a contemporary theme. You can use purples or reds and other bright colors minimally to achieve a great result. If you use more than one color than consult a color balancing chart to make sure you choose complementary colors and not ones that clash. So a few bright colored pillows in an otherwise neutral room will help create an exciting look.

Home décor is also about intelligent use of space. In most non-contemporary designs a blank space is seen as an error that must be fixed but in contemporary design even a blank space has equal design potential. The simplicity and freshness of clean lines is lost when there are no breathing spaces between decorations. While decorations are essential to avoid a completely barren look they must be used with caution to avoid being overdone.

Once you are done with color and space you must also focus on texture. Textures can take various forms like a rug, throw pillows, a single vase, and so on. If you intend to shop for contemporary home décor furniture then make sure you only choose items that are made of simple wood or metal and use natural fabrics. The main thing to avoid is antique furniture, floral patterns, and anything that may be considered frilly.

Contemporary design is one of the easiest ways to add a very personal touch to your space.