Current housing Trends

Your house is a building that should relax you and allow you to escape from the stressors of everyday life. However, when it comes to renovating your house, many individuals can find it stressful as they have no inspiration and no idea where to start. Like any industry, interior design trends come and go in a matter of months. It is important to keep up to date with current trends, especially if you are aiming to design a modern home.

Let’s start with the floor. Winter is an extremely busy time for flooring companies with many companies hitting their highest monthly revenueduring the month of October. Usually trends involve modern manufacturing and new features that many individuals may not have come across flooring. However, in the flooring industry it is the traditional parquet flooring that is proving extremely popular.  Parquet flooring originated in French Castillo’s and has stood the test of time. It has recently become popular due to manufacturing techniques allowing the retail price to be reduced and the patterned style allows an individual to create their own unique floor. Parquet flooring is originally made from wood; however, it is now available in other options such as laminate or vinyl flooring.

Next onto the item of furniture that is available in everybody’s living room, the sofa. The two main types of materials used when manufacturing a sofa is leather or fabric. Currently it is fabric that is leading the way in the trends and this may be due to leather sofa’s becoming cold during the winter months. Fabric corner sofas have become the new hit due to the warmth and comfort as they become a great option to relax on. The only negative with a corner sofa is that they can be very large and an awkward shape in a standard living room. Make sure you carefully measure the area of space before purchasing a corner sofa as you may regret being left with very little space to move around.

Moving on to the kitchen and the main noticeable trend links to parquet flooring as traditional wooden cupboards are now being used alongside wood flooring to generate a country feel. If you have a modern vinyl floor, then handle less cupboards will keep the modern appearance throughout the room. This goes down to personal preference, however I always struggle to open handle less cupboards, so I am not sure how practical they are, but I love the appearance.

Finally, an old accessory favourite is making a resurgence onto the market as the sale of shaggy rugs are flying. Once again this will be caused by the comfort factor and their ability to trap the warmth during cold spells. Shaggy rugs tend to be a simple colour, however patterned shaggy rugs should definitely be taken into consideration on your shopping trip. The patterns are only simple; however,it is just enough to bring a whole room to life.

Trends are trends as they as popular, however remember that it can be good to be different. Remember there are different options on the market and you should never get forced into doing what everyone else does.