Decor From the Victorian Era

Since they had smaller homes compared to the houses of the rich, naturally all the furniture and the accessories and all the aspects of the interior design could not be fit in well. It usually made their rooms look very crowded and cramped. Due to this there were critics of decorating the Victorian style who spared nothing and were known as the people of the Aesthetic movement. They despised the style of flaunting being aped to forcefully adopt a particular style.

Features of the Victorian decorating style

The people who followed the Aesthetic Movement were in favor of a complete contrast to the Victorian style. The furniture styles took the inspiration from the Elizabethan and the Greek style including the Georgian styles.

The colors used for the furniture were more subtle and the colors on the walls were light. Although it was the time of great advancement most of the interior designs were inspired from the past. The colors that were chosen for the decorating victorian styles depended on the location of the home. If the home was in a town or a city then the colors used were mostly dark due to the presence of pollution.

The other determinant of color was the availability. This is because most of the colors were made naturally and were mixed on site. Therefore if a particular ingredient was not available then that color would not be mixed! Along with the normal use of paintings for the walls there was also a good balance of texture that was used. There was a lot of molding and wood work that was done on the walls and the ceiling.

In order to add texture to the walls, wallpapers were used and there was also a lot of work done with stencils. The paint work was so delicate and intricate that it used to be difficult to distinguish between wallpaper and painting. These were the highlights of this form of interior design.