Decorate Your Windows the Modern Way

There are numerous way how you may dress up your windows. Many home owners will limit themselves to drapes and blinds. Others would replace their clear glass windows with etched glass and colored glass. This article will present an easy and convenient way to dress up your home windows without much hassle and without burning a hole in your wallet.

You may try using window films with artcape and decorative elements. In the past, whenever the word window tinting film is mentioned, everyone would automatically think of dark tint. It is no longer true today. The industry had evolved much with plenty of new designs added every month. The quality of window films had also improved a great deal to the extent that you can not even tell the difference if the newly designed window film is original.

Colored film, those with artscapes, and those that give stained glass effect are some of the more popular ones along home owners and interior designer. The vibrant color transformed the atmosphere of the room immediately and even the gloomiest room appear cheerful. It is a great way to decorate children's room as most kid love vibrant colors.

You can find many other places that is suitable to be installed with the product too. Take for example one of the most popular artscape, the Lost Lake, which depicts a huge crane in the middle of the lake. Many home owners install it on a large window at their dining room or at a foyer. The effect turns out great.

Do you want to add some privacy to a shower enclosure? You can also use the decorative glass film on these places too as the material can withstand moisture, moisture and heat. While blocking off unwanted view, it still allows light to shine through.

If installed on a huge glass window on your living, your neighbors will definitely be envious of you when they drive by your house at night. When light shines through the window film, it will project a beautiful piece of art, as if done by a skillful master.

The product is made of vinyl material, and is self-adhesive. You just need to spray some soapy solution on the glass surface. As you use a squeegee to squeeze out the solution and any air bubbles from underneath the window film, it will stick onto the glass by itself through static action. Installation will typically takes less than fifteen minutes on a small window and for larger windows, it will take about thirty minutes.

You may easily buy the product from hardware store, DIY mall and from online. Always ensure that the product that you buy comes with warrantee. Most merchandiser provides up to three years of warrantee, although the product usually last twice as long.