October 27, 2021


Home Improvement

Decorating a Loft

Loft living has become the trendy new way of living for the yuppies living in urban areas who want to be in the thick of the local hotspots, restaurants, and chic shops. It is quite a change from the once cheap housing that artists stayed in, using them for both studio and living space.

What has not changed is the open floor plan, large windows, high ceilings (often with open ductwork), concrete floors, and exposed pipes. But where they used to be apartments hacked out of old warehouses, the loft home of today is often a new free standing structure. Because the only inside walls are usually the ones framing the bathroom, decorating can be a real challenge.

Area rugs, furniture groupings, and screens call all be used to define your space. Bookcases, ottomans, trunks, and storage pieces are needed in each grouping for storage purposes. Armoires will be needed for hanging clothes. Draperies can be used to offer some bedroom privacy.

Large, colorful graphics go well to take some of the starkness out of this d├ęcor. Accessorize with soft, bold throw pillows and afghans to add some coziness to the look. Separate a dining area from a sitting area with large, leafy plants or a see through bookcase. Use alternate shelves in the bookcase for storage of dining room items, and books or games.

And do not forget the importance of your lighting. This, too, will design and design your groupings. Make sure that there is plenty of task lighting as well as dramatic mood lighting.

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