January 27, 2022


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Decorating Scheme Ideas for Weddings

Many women dream of their wedding day from the time they are little girls. Every detail must be perfect – from her dress, to her cake, to her favors. Wedding planning can be long and arduous. However, nailing down decorating scheme ideas based on the location and theme of the celebration is the first step in turning a bride's wedding dreams into a reality. Here are some decorating scheme ideas based on possible wedding locations and seasons:

  • Beach. Whether the bride and groom live near a beach, or the wedding is destination style, there are many directions to take the decorating. Nautical designs are a classic way to design a wedding – a navy blue and white color scheme, stripes, and accessories with anchors, lighthouses, shells, and sailboats on them create a fun and distinctively beachy feel.
  • Springtime. Although your risk of rain is higher, an outdoor spring wedding is perhaps the most beautiful kind. This time of year is associated with new life and new beginnings, so there is no better time to start this new chapter in a couple's lives together. It is easy to surround guests with greenery and blooming flowers during this time of year because they are everywhere in nature. Garden materials can be used as props, and this is the time of year when a bride gets away with adding a little color to her wedding dress.
  • Winter. Having a wedding ceremony and reception during the winter lends itself to decorating with the most classic of wedding colors – white. Create a white winter wonderland by hanging sparkling snowflakes or using faux-snow in the centerpieces. A white-on-white color scheme can get monochromatic, so many sure to use dimension and texture through. When decorating for a winter wedding, consider getting an ice sculpture that is visually stunning and seasonally appropriate.
  • Western. If a wedding is taking place in the west, or a couple simply wants their reception to resemblance a hoedown, there are plenty of decorating scheme ideas to achieve this. Try replacing white tablecloths with red gingham print. Also, use cacti instead of flowers for centerpieces. Bandanas, cowboy boots, and horseshoes are among the images of the Wild West that first come to mind – use them in the decorating scheme for a western wedding.

Creative decorating scheme ideas can make a wedding truly memorable for the couple getting married, and all the guests who attend. The theme and the decorations should reflect the wedding location as well as the personal tastes of the bride and groom. The right décor can bring any bride's childhood dream to life.

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