Dress Up Your Windows With Custom Window Boxes and Window Planters

There are a lot of ways to add vibrancy and colors to your outdoor. In times, when you feel that you have to do something to alter the look of your place, do not hesitate to do so. Try to add some additional and inspiring structural components to your windows such as Custom window boxes, flowerboxes, hanging baskets and window planters.

Customized Window Boxes

Is not it convenient to have your garden just outside the window of your kitchen? Why bother to go out when you can actually create your own loved garden where fresh vegetables can grow. Customized window boxes give you the benefit of growing your own plants while giving your windows a unique appeal to everyone.


Mostly, houses with big windows need texture to look more attractive from the outside. It usually appears bland and boring if windows are just lazily open without any interesting accessories or fanciful decorations on it. A flowerbox can be added to give drama and to overshadow those big and wide windows in your house. You can never go wrong with a flowerbox since it is bold enough to cover up what is missing in your dull windows.

Hanging Baskets

We are often focused on how to furnish the indoor of our house that we tend to take for granted the patio or gazebos of our own house. From the furniture, elaborate wall decors and elegant home embellishments that we use on our living room are sometimes too chic to be compared from those on the outside decorations. Have you ever thought that the first impressions of guests or passersby depend on how your gardens or patios look like? Make every corner of your house as exciting as you want it to be. Add hanging baskets all over your place. You can have these hanging baskets on you garden to add beauty to what is expected from it.

Window Planters

A quick way to soften a wall is to add window planters with blooming flowers planted on it. Look for plants that can stand the heat of the sun and still continue to lush all year round. The plants that you need to choose should match the character of window planters that are weather resistant and perfect to be placed outdoors.