Eliminating Fleas and Ticks from Your Property


When you think about fleas and ticks, you may most closely relate them to being a nuisance to your family pets. After all, if you have ever had a pet with a flea or tick problem, you may be aware of how intensely a pet with fleas or ticks may itch or bite themselves to get these pests off of them. If you have seen even one flea or tick on a pet or elsewhere throughout the home, you can rest assured that there may be many others that you have seen. These pests have a short lifecycle and can breed quickly. Therefore, you must effectively pursue a flea and tick treatment plan at the first sign of these pests.

Why Flea and Tick Treatment Is Essential

The thought of having little pests crawling throughout your home can be unbearable, but there are other reasons to begin a treatment plan soon. For example, these pests are responsible for spreading pathogens that could result in health issues for pets as well as for people in your home. Some of these health conditions include Powassan virus, Lyme’s disease and anaplasmosis. It only takes one bite from an infested critter to cause serious illness. Because the population of these pests in your yard and home can skyrocket quickly, it can become increasingly difficult to fully eradicate them if you wait too long to treat the property.

Effective Ways to Kill Fleas and Ticks

Now that you understand why this situation deserves your full attention and concentrated effort, you may be wondering how to address this problem. A smart idea is to contact a pest control company for treatment. Professional pest control may include a spray treatment that kills these pests on contact. Because you need to prevent others from venturing into your yard and home, an additional barrier treatment may also be applied around the perimeter of your property. In addition, pets should be bathed with a flea and tick shampoo. Vacuuming the carpet and upholstery is important, and you also should wash bed linens. Remember that each of these steps may need to be repeated several times before you gain full control of a serious infestation.

Eliminating fleas and ticks from your property can be a tiring process. You may notice excellent results from a professional pest control treatment, but you also must regularly and thoroughly clean your home and pets for the best results. While it will take effort to completely rid your home of an infestation, your effort will be well-rewarded. Because pests can continue to lay eggs and grow in numbers until treatment begins, now is the time to hire a pest control company and to begin cleaning your home and pets.