Essential Easy Steps to Help You Sell Your House Fast

The property market over the past few years in the UK has shown "peaks and troughs" – resulting in the highs and lows in property market values. The good news however, is that the market always corrects itself over time. In the meantime although there are surplus homes trying to attract the few buyers. So how does one give himself the best chances to sell his house quickly? Here are a few considered tips: –

Curb Appeal

Make sure the property looks good from the outside. Is the front lawn neatly trimmed? Are there any broken gates? if so they need to be mended. It is believed that the first twenty seconds of seeing the property will form the first impression so do not lose your foothold before the prospective buyer has even seen inside.


Is the hallway well lit? Maximize light even if this means leaving the light on. Dark and dingy properties have a negative effect.You can choose from a selection of light bulbs chandeliers and fittings that do not need to be too expensive yet can have tremendous effect.


One should consider removing clutter, which is basically any old furniture or "stuff" that you typically do not use that takes up space and makes the place look overcrowded.Remember that an overcrowded area hides the true space that a room has, so making it harder for a prospective buyer to visualise how he would use that space.

Paint / decorate.

Paint the property in bright neutral colors- a favorite is magnolia. This allows the property to be seen as clean and fresh, also enabling the viewer to "mentally move in". Also prospective viewers typically look for properties that do not need much doing to it so they do not need to fork out money for immediate repairs they want a place where they can literally move in without having to do much to bring it up to their standard.You could also consider light colored wallpaper if you prefer, but always pay attention to detail.Consider using masking tape when painting skirting boards so the paintwork finish is nice and straight.

Fixtures and fittings

You could consider changing the door handles If the existing ones look a bit tired your local DIY store should have a good supply of reasonably priced items.Electrical socket covers: If you have plastic covers through the house, you could consider returning them with chrome for the modern contemporary look.Old radiators can also be replaced by modern looking ones. Tip- Save money always try and negotiate a good price especially with last of the line stock..also consider reclamation yards.

Inside Fragrance

This may sound silly but it's a very important fact that is often overlooked. If you ever had a pet dog, or cat there there may be smells in the home that you may not notice but a prospective buyer certainly will not miss! so to be sure, you could consider deodorizing or replacing the carpets and if they are any animal hairs make sure to remove them.

Remove personal Items

Most folk like to place their favorite photos on the mantelpiece, display their trinkets, holiday snaps and memorabilia of the latest concert / party / football match they've been to! however to enable the prospective buyer to visualise themselves there, one needs to de-personalize the space.