Fairy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Fairy Bedroom Décor can be fun for not only your child but also the adults as well, as you can bring your child's dreams to life by creating a wonderful and inspiring haven for them to enjoy. Decorating with Fairies has never been easier with all of the wonderful accessories you can buy. There are lamps, wallpaper, pillows, shams, comforters, blankets and so much more. You can get traditional fairy designs that remind you of old English bedtime stories, or the more modern look of Tinkerbell.

Imagine a place that is not only fun for your little girl but also appealing and relaxing for you, a world full of magic and wonder all inside of her bedroom. A place where wishes can come true and you can reach the stars with only a thought. Picture your little girl's bedroom going from boring or drab into a fairy land adventure, with the help of some well laid pieces of furniture.

When getting ready to start transforming her bedroom, you need to have a basic idea of ​​what you want and how it will be placed. A good way to start is to paint the walls a solid white, or other color your little girl prefers. Depending on whether the room has hardwood flooring or carpet, you can choose a rug the same color as the wall or one with a pattern where colors are bought together.

Once you have your basics done you can then start looking for wall trimmings, such as borders, clocks, pictures and other decorative items, including shelves with fake vines decorating them. There are figurines that sit, some that hang from the wall and ceiling and even ones you can use in place of handles on dressers and doors. When decorating the walls you can put a clear coat of paint with glitter in it, giving it a magical sparkle. You can also paint plants on the wall that go up to the ceiling and then have hidden fairies through.

When looking for fabrics for the room you want to remember that Fairies are light magical creatures that are delicate and little, so use lightweight materials. You can take a sheer material with anything fairy on it, such as flowers or sparkles, and drape this over the curtains on the windows, and from the ceiling to about half-way down to the bed to give the bed and bedroom a hidden and special feel.

Depending on how much you want to spend you can get endless bedroom sets and furniture to match the fairy theme. If you want some control and spend less, you can buy a bed set in a soft color and then accent with pillows or throws to match. If the bed is made from wood and you do not want to change the color of it, you can get stick on accessories that can be moved around. These will give the bed a magical feel without actually painting it.

For lamps and light fixtures go with something that matches the room or that you would not mind being there for a long time, gold, silver and while light fixtures and lamps are a good choice. Once you have them you can then add gauzy shades for the lamps, and then hang sparkling gems from the light fixtures.

Incorporating a fairy design your child's bedroom can be done for newborns to teenagers, all you have to do is use the right age-appropriate accessories. The older your child, the more she can provide input on what she would like.