January 16, 2021


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Feng Shui for Your Front Yard

Understanding your Front Yard Feng Shui

To understand your Front Yard Feng Shui, you should know that there is a term in Feng Shui called Ming Tong. This roughly means “bright palace”. This is should be the flat area directly in front of the house and should be beautiful and welcoming. This is a key area for holding the beneficial qi of the house. Having beautiful flowers and even beautiful water (such as a clean fountain) can help the qi of the home. You want an inviting and supportive space to improve your Front Yard Feng Shui.

In the old days of China, the Ming Tong was especially important. Tienanmen square in China is located in front of the Forbidden City. This is the Ming Tong for the palace. Most important buildings have a Ming Tong. The more beautiful and open it is the better. The Ming Tong is the space that welcomes the qi to the structure. It needs to be clean and beautiful. This is true with the Front Yard Feng Shui for your home.

Key Front Yard Essentials

There are several key points that you should watch for in the front yard. This is the approach to the house and it should feel welcoming. It should not have anything that would subconsciously repel visitors. Things such as cactus or rose bushes too close to the walk can create a sha (negative influence). The thorns are something people avoid, but you don’t want people feeling as if they should avoid going to your home. Plant them away from the walk way and make it beautiful.

Dead plants, trees, or shrubs should be avoided always. The qi of the landscape should be glossy and beautiful. Look at the trees, are they shiny and bright? Or are they dull, brown, and dying? Plants reflect the qi of a place, so work at making the plants beautiful. Same too for the lawn. It should be a glossy green. Try to quickly remove any debris or trash that may accumulate in the yard due to wind or inconsiderate people.

The walkway to he house ideally should “meander” to the doorway. Create a beautiful garden with lovely flowers if possible. You do not want a straight path if you can avoid it. Also avoid any sharp drop-offs away from the house. Land sloping downwards is not preferred as it pulls the qi away from the house. If you have this situation, use bushes or retaining walls to hold back the qi and level off the property.

Evaluating Your Front Yard

Take an objective look at your property from the street. Just like Realtors try to develop curb appeal, the same goes for Front Yard in fengshui. An attractive and welcoming yard works and an unkempt and dying yard does not. Make the qi fresh and bright. Make it a yard that draws good qi.

When you have created a beautiful space in front of your home, you have maximized your home’s front yard Feng Shui.