Feng Shui House Plans

Feng Shui house plans can help you have cozy dwellings that emit a distinct aura. The plans are based on a certain type of science that relates the universe and the life of the people. There are different tips and techniques that are used to decorate the house. The science makes use of different energies that originate from materials used to make the house.

This science can be useful in designing or decorating the interior of the home. There are experts in this area who can be consulted. However the architect must be consulted. It is postulated that they way you decorate your house can affect your life. The Feng Shui house plans are based on certain principles. They include the design or even the selection of the home's plot.

The washrooms and bathrooms should not be visible from the outside, the living room and the dining room. If the house is storied, a toilet should not be made above recreational rooms. The bedroom should be planned such that the bed should be away from the door. The windows of the bedroom should be specifically designed. They should not allow the bed to be viewed from the outside.

Passers should not be able to view the dining room. There should be no beams looming from the ceiling. The best ceiling is one which is flat. There should not be any protrusions. The rooms must not have any turns. Rounded edges are proffered to sharp ones. According to the Feng Shui house plans, the staircase can not lead directly to the door. This takes good luck out of the home. It can not lead to the toilet lest good fortunes are flushed away. Two or more doors should not face each other.