Finishing Touches for the Modern Bathroom Suite

A modern bathroom suite should have clean lines if it is to maintain its contemporary appearance for more than a few months or a year. Basins and toilets which are weighed down by detailing will soon look dated. And buying a simple bathroom suite ensures that your bathroom is easily updated as often as you like, by making simple and wallet-friendly changes to your decor and accessories.

Brassware is an important feature of any bathroom suite. Its name is slightly misleading: although they are often made of brass, most taps are finished in chrome as this is by far the most popular look in today's bathroom. Chrome taps will coordinate with chrome wastes and accessories to give a bathroom a harmonious finish that's polished without being ostentatious.

When you're choosing taps for your basin or bath, do not forget that their overall look needs to complement the look of the bathroom suite. Choose curved or cylindrical taps to suit a circular or oval basin and rounded or P-shaped bath; opt for lines and angles in your choice of taps if you've chosen a rectangular basin and a rectangular or L-shaped bath.

Your choice of tap will directly affect your choice of bath and basin. Picking a deck mounted or wall mounted tap will require you to buy a basin and / or bath without tap holes. If, on the other hand, you choose your rainbow first, you'll need to choose either a monobloc tap or a pair of taps depending on whether the basin has one tap hole or two. Taps which look good and work well will have an instantly uplifting effect on your bathroom suite.

Buying a matching range of accessories is another way of making a big impact on your bathroom's overall look. They're something that's easy to change when your style changes, but coordinating the appearance of your towel rail, toilet roll holder, tumbler, toothbrush holder, robe hook, etc, can make a room look really well thought out.

And paint can have an amazingly transformative effect on a room, too. You should always use bathroom paint, as it will resist mold in a way that ordinary emulsion will not. While this may make your outlay a little more expensive, painting is still a very cost effective way of changing the look of a large surface. Your decor can change by season, with warm colors in autumn and winter giving way to cooler or zestier colors in the spring and summer, or according to your mood. A monochrome bathroom always looks stylish and touches of color can be added as required through towels, art, or flowers.