Five Floor Renovation Tips

When you consider how much space the floor takes up in a house, it’s surprising it doesn’t get more attention. It should play a significant role in the overall décor in your home, but more often that not it’s overlooked and is only an afterthought. We might not think about it first, but we certainly notice if it’s damaged and immediately the area looks neglected.

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Because it covers a wide surface area, it can feel daunting as we worry it might be expensive, but there are ways of updating the floor without breaking the bank.

Low-Cost Materials

Choosing vinyl, laminates or cork will keep the cost down because the cost per square metre is significantly lower than hardwood or ceramic tiles. Installation costs are also relatively low, and there is always the option to do it yourself.

Don’t Remove the Old Flooring

If you are really looking for a budget option, leave the old flooring in place and put your new flooring on top – removing old flooring is not just expensive but time-consuming too. If you can remove the existing flooring, you will get a better finish, and if your budget stretches to professional fitting, you will get peace of mind.

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Fit the Floor Yourself

Laminate and engineered flooring is easier to fit yourself, and specialist retailers like have a great selection to suit all tastes. Often the installation poses a significant cost, so you could save by doing it yourself.

Check Suitability

Most flooring is pretty flexible, but there are some types of flooring that aren’t suitable for everywhere in the home. Hardwood flooring, for example, is not suitable for wet areas like bathrooms because it might warp with the humidity, and water then causes further damage.

Choose Your Battles

Fitting flooring is a big job. If you have not done it before, or you have chosen a more complicated material, understand where your skill runs out. There is only so much you can teach yourself before you should call in a professional.

Once you have sorted out the floor, it’s time to move on with the rest of the house and Home Building has some great ideas.

Do your research before you start and take your time. It is worth getting several quotes if you are considering a professional so you can sure it is competitive.