Five Tips for Older Dog House Training

Older dog house training can be a frustrating task. You can not help but wonder why your dog thinks it's OK to tie herself wherever she pleases.

The good news about older dogs is that they have the ability to hold it longer. The bad news is that you have to correct all of the bad habits.

So sit back and take a deep breath, because we have five tips that work wonders on the older dog.

Watch the food and drink. Watching when your dog eats and drinks helps you to participate when to take her outside. Catching your dog before she has an accident is a key element to successful house training.

Refrain from punishment . When your dog has an accident, hold back on punishment. Instead take your dog outside and show her the correct place to tie herself. Repeat a phrase such as "go potty."

Create a command . Dogs respond well to commands. Create a command and consistently use it when you want your dog to go. An example is "go potty." When your dog goes, give her a reward immediately after the action.

Consider the benefits of neutering a male dog . Marking territory can be an irresistible habit for an older male dog. Neutering can greatly help this problem.

If there continues to be a problem, consult your vet . Sometimes a dog has a bladder problem that interferes with house training. Even if your dog wants to go outside, they may not be able to control it. Your vet can evaluate this.

And remember, be patient with your older dog. Being consistent and patient will payoff in older dog house breaking.