March 1, 2021


Home Improvement

Flipping Your Home? Find Inspiration in these Small Budget Home Remodeling Ideas

There are tons of ideas why you’d want to remodel your home. You might have given it one long look one day and thought to yourself, ” Hey, why don’t I tear down that wall to make extra space?” You might have also taken a look at your home and decided there’s too much space for just you and maybe a few members of your home and thought of upping its value before selling it to move into a smaller one.

Your reasons are entirely your own, of course, but if you’re thinking of remodeling your home, you’d best talk to a reputable general contractor about their construction services. You should also seek professional advice to see if you could lessen the budget; chances are, if you’re flipping your home, you’d want the best return for it, right?

One of the focuses in most home remodels is Space. Usually, there’s a closet that just juts out at the wrong position or a space that just sits there unused. Some owners pursue space in the form of tearing down an unneeded closet and just combining that space by dividing one large closet to become space enough for two. Others choose to push the closet in to create extra space in the bedroom. It gives the bedroom a fresh look as well as a larger space.

Another feature that people focus on is Aesthetics. Take a look around the room and notice things that are out of place with the look you want to achieve. For instance, if you’ve got a ceiling that looks pretty drab and out-of-sync with your design idea, you might want to replace it by redesigning it. Some suggest installing a beadboard ceiling. You can’t just consider this a do-it-yourself project; while beadboard can be bought cheaply from any hardware store in your area, measuring it correctly is tricky. You could bring along anyone from your contractor team to help you with buying.

The kitchen is where everyone usually spends time, and that’s another area for consideration when remodeling a house for flipping. One point of interest there might be the Kitchen Bar — a large slab of wood and concrete in the middle where everyone sits down for a meal or where meals are prepared. It’s easy to neglect to use that place so that’s where you can also start. If it’s used only as a meal preparation area, you can remodel this to become the focal point of the kitchen by remaking it into a sit-down bar of sorts. It could also become a convenient place in the kitchen where meals are served hot and fresh.

A welcome addition, if you’re remodeling your home, would be to create some flair for that Spare, Unused Room (if you have one). There are lots of ideas for it but the best one — creatively — is to remake it into a hidden room. What would it contain? A nice storage room, a hidden den, or an entertainment room, far-away from prying eyes? The answer is — it could be anything! But the decision lies with you. An entertainment room would frankly be great for people looking to add value to their home for flipping, but it could be anything, really. The possibilities end with your imagination.

It’s absolutely hard to let go of a home, especially if you’ve built a lot of memories in it. Consider remodeling your home if it gets too old for you. You can also choose to sell it if it becomes too large for you to maintain or too expensive to live in but always remember — add some value to make the re-sell value a little higher, or make the decision to sell it worth it.