June 24, 2021


Home Improvement

FSBO Sellers – What to Ask a Potential Buyer

Do you tend to ask a lot of questions? When you are selling your home there are some things that you should ask a buyer, and some things that you should refrain from asking.

There is nothing more annoying, or more frustrating, than an owner who attempts to show off obvious aspects of a home to a potential buyer. Some owners have a tendency to point out things such as large bay windows, but this sort of information isn’t necessary (and it may insult the buyer’s intelligence as well). Likewise, asking about a buyer’s current occupation or yearly salary is crossing the line. However, there are some questions that every owner should ask a buyer before any offer is made.

One of the first things that you should ask a buyer (with a great deal of tact) is, “when do you plan to buy a home?” Narrowing down some sort of buying time can be a great deal of help when you talk to prospective buyers. The other question that you will want to ask is, “have you applied for a mortgage yet?” If a buyer has not applied for a mortgage yet, gently explain that they will have to do so before placing any sort of a deal on a home (some buyers simply do not know this!). Also, make sure that every buyer you spend your time on has some sort of a feasible plan for buying a home. Take a few moments to talk with potential buyers, but don’t start to bully your way into personal details.

If you find that your buyer is starting to look slightly uncomfortable, stop with your line of questioning and leave the buyer alone. So many FSBOs attempt to bombard a buyer with an array of questions that only lead to embarrassment in the end. You merely need to know basic information regarding each buyer, and once you learn this information walk away. Also, it is a good idea to keep valuable information inside of a guest book next to each person’s name, and contact those motivated buyers shortly after your open house.

You can lay out all the refreshments in the world, but if your buyer feels intimidated, they will leave your home without a second thought. The entire point of showing your house is to help a buyer see just how “liveable” your home is, and if you think about it, you might not enjoy a hard line of questioning either. Try to be a gracious host, but do not go overboard.

Hosting an open house is a sure fire way to get buyers into your home, but you can just as easily chase them away if you are not careful. Remember to ask only the essential questions, and skip those small details that you really have no business knowing about.