July 31, 2021


Home Improvement

Functional Home Accessories – Room by Room

There are certain items in your home which are not there because they are beautiful, or inspiring. Instead they are there because they have a function that makes living in that space more comfortable, or easier, or better in any way. While these items are generally chosen for their capabilities, the modern world has produced a world of design, and many of these common functional pieces are available in a wide variety of unique and fascinating designs, allowing you to take the mundane world and dress it up.


The kitchen is one place where function wins out over form. However every item in the kitchen can contribute to the decorative beauty of the space.

One common strategy is to purchase all of your appliances in matched materials, such as brushed nickel, copper, or the popular stainless steal. This gives the room a stylish and integrated look.

Color themes are also popular in the kitchen, with a variety of functional items all matched by tone or even pattern, depending on how far you look for integrated sets.


Most bathrooms are small, and what space there is can often be taken up with these same functional accessories. Here too many people use a strategy of matching items to create an integrated look.

Soap dispensers, towel racks, trash cans, soap dishes, and even towel racks are all available in a variety of colors or patterns that will give you greater control over the look and feel of the space.

Towels, linens, even toilet cozies and area rugs are all interchangeable, and thius can be made to contrast or compliment one another throughout the space.

Living Rooms

The important decorative and functional pieces in this space will be large items such as couches, or coffee tables. It is important to pick these pieces carefully. If you are uncertain, purchase couches and tables which feature neutral colors. This will allow you to add decorative touches using smaller pieces.

Smaller functional accessories include ash trays, beverage coasters, magazines, coat racks, and garbage cans. These can be used to spread color throughout the space, or can be matched to create an interlaced latticework that will draw the space together.


The bedroom has one major function, that of sleep. However there are a variety of smaller, interchangeable accessories that are necessary for the function of the space, but which can also add color, and style to the room.

The most obvious and possibly the most visible of these items is the comforter. Large and in charge it stretches out across a wide expanse of space, and includes both elements of color and pattern, as well as textural features.

The small functional accessories that make our world livable are also the details that can make the world beautiful. Just because you are buying a garbage can, or an ash tray, doesn’t mean that you have to give up on inspiration. Look around, explore, and you will be surprised by the wide variety of unique designs available.