Furnish Your Home With Stylish Bookcases

Bookcases are adaptable pieces of furniture as they're not only perfectly designed for holding books, but also look good when displayed with other accessories like photographs of the family or ornaments collected and received over the years.

Buy furniture off the shelf or have it custom made to fit any sized nook or cranny. It's not necessary to have them lining the walls as if in a library as this will only make a room looked cramped, but a case or two strategically placed will give a distinct look and can be a great feature in any room.

Most homes have a place for books in one room or another; functional in the kids' rooms they can be used to stack all those favorite stories that they love to be read at bedtime. Decorative in the living room for pieces you want to be informed and even useful in the bathroom for supplying reading material whilst busy on the throne!

You might think a bookcase is a bookcase and what is the big deal? It's not until you start to search for one for your home you'll soon realize there are actually many different kinds available. They come in all kinds of solid woods from oak, pine and beech still in their natural state, or waxed or varnished in a darker hue, to painted white or something brighter for a real funky style. Tall, short, wide and thin, with or without drawers and cupboards, the range is huge and it will not take long to find a solution to your storage and display needs.

Oak is a good deal as it's a timber of particularly high quality and makes beautiful looking furniture. Solid oak should be used throughout the piece, even in the drawer bases and cabinet backs; these are the places where some manufactures may substitute veneers in an attempt to keep costs down. Quality pieces will facilitate dovetailed joints in the drawers, and when finished in a tough, hard-wearing lacquer such as a resilient satin for instance, this is a pretty tough piece of furniture sure to last generations.

Bookcases can be simply that, a place to hold books, or they can be a variation with a combination of shelves and drawers located at the base for additional storage. Some people do not even use for the purpose they were made for! Instead they show off their beauty by using them as display cases with vases, photos and other interesting items out on show.

Cube style shelving is an open style with no back to them which makes it ideal for a room divider, between the living and dining areas for example. If you prefer one where little fingers can not get into then glass doors are convenient as the items inside can still be viewed but not touched. Or for a completely practical item check out those cases that double as a TV stand, where the TV sits on the top and books or the DVD player, magazines or similar are stacked neatly below.

Corner cases are handy as they fit snugly into any corner so every inch of the room is used. Display cabinets and bookcases can be purchased to match each other If you have a lot of things, and prices are cheap when you shop online.

Always take a good look at the finishing touches like the hinges, door knob and shelf fixings as they should be just as good quality as the rest of the item. Use bookcases for all kinds of things in your home as they are practical, functional and look great when designed in solid timbers.