Garden Full Of Colors

The winter is about to end in few days and that's the time for us to think about our gardens. When we choosing our plants and thinking about the style of garden lets not forget about the colors … of floor and garden furniture. Choosing them wisely will bring a great result.

Colors are one of the most important elements in arranging the space around the house. Of course green plays the major role. It's the color of leafy trees and grass at spring time and conifers at winter. It's also like background that we want to variegate with beautiful flowers. But when we are planning garden flowers and trees are not the only elements that might make our around the house space more colorful.

When arranging the garden we are planning also a kind of small architecture as for example where to have garden building, grill or how the terrace would look like. The part of such architecture are also garden paths and driveway. Sort of stuff that we choose to build those paths can make the whole design complete and give garden the finish look. It is important to make it with the harmony with the surroundings.

The harmony is most important when choosing the surface. And that is possible when we let the greenery dominate. So for example when we have larger surfaces in the garden it is better to make them look more natural with flagstone. Also old looking pavement will harmonize with trees, so as colors like beige and bronze make a great composition. To have nice looking contrast the smaller elements of the pavement as kerbstone or a single cubes we can make in more intense colors like red or orange which will alive the paths a little bit.

It is common to make the gardens in one specific style and depending on that the sort of surface we choose may vary. The most popular right now is doing the garden in Far East style. When we decide to have Japanese garden we should not forget that basic elements should be stones which will ideally compose with water and plants. Such combination looks natural and beautiful in its simplicity. The stones may also be used to make some simple geometric figures like squares or rectangles that often appear in Japanese style gardens.

Usually in designing garden we separate the space that will serve our practical needs and for relax. Both of those places we usually furnish. We should have special place for potting sheds [] where we can take care of our plants, and the one where our garden buildings could stand. In choosing them lets look on the material that they are made of and the color that there are in. For example a corner gazebo [] may be in light beige made of spruce.

Thinking about colorful garden may bring the spring faster into our homes and gardens.