Get the Excitement of Tumbled Travertine Tile

Tiles have become extremely important choice for the flooring of the home due to some great advantageous features. Travertine tile is one such flooring option with an exceptionally beautiful appearance and durability. The travertine tile, which is made up of natural materials, are almost similar to granite and marble with the attractive features of being quarried out of earth. The additions of this flooring will probably the best addition in your home.

Such flooring range comes in different sizes and finishes. They are user friendly, beautiful, affordable and easy to maintain on a long term basis. The best part of this flooring range is that, there are many different designs available with reasonable prices which can turn any dull places into a nice and pleasant living area! This floor range is basically of three different types. Tumbled, polished and honed travertine tiles. Among the three tumbled travertine tiles are pretty popular among the builders and house decorators list due to its attractive features.

This floor range is highly porous with immense water draining capacity. They are typically rough surfaced with good frictional features. By virtue of these features, tumbled travertine tile is used in the areas where you need to stop water stagnation, avoid slipping and for getting good grip. This makes these tiles the best flooring on the sides of your swimming pools, water ponds, lakes, foot paths, garden pathways, balcony, for washing areas etc. Tumbled travertine tile comes in different sizes in the market. If you are looking for a flooring option for office or household purposes, it is advisable to try different sizes to get different patterns. You can try different sizes for getting different patterns and then selecting a suitable one for your room. Some of the most popular designs among this flooring category are Opus Romano and Opus Franco, both of which have four different sizes.

This flooring range comes in different colors such as beige, yellow, walnut and white. The white tumbled flooring which is actually a classic version and the dark brown one that is known as 'noce' travertine are the popular ones. These different colored flooring of varying sizes when used in the same surface gives it a modern outlook. For example trying checker board floors having a nice alteration of black and white gives uniqueness to the surface. This effect can be well created with tumbled brown and white travertine tiles.