Getting The Appropriate Window Treatment For Your Bathroom

There are actually a lot of bathroom window treatments available. But finding one that would contribute to the appearance of the room requires the ability to choose the right components that would significantly contribute to the entity decorating process.


Curtains are never out of fashion when talking of window treatments. They are classy, ​​versatile and when used properly, they could really enhance the windows of the bathroom. While there may be a lot of choices of curtains for all types of needs, there are only a few that would really fit the demands of a bathroom window.

Take note that the bathroom is reliably humid. This could alter your choice of curtains clearly since some fabrics are already to mold and mildew growth. Thus, it is necessary that a bathroom curtain is highly resistant to moisture and water. Usually the materials used for bathroom curtains are water-proofed cotton fabric, polyester and synthetic materials as these limit water absorption.


Drapes are used for ornamentation; however they also provide practical use. Since they are usually made of strong, heavy and thick fabric, they could give sufficient privacy that is needed for nearly all bathrooms. Drapes are typically used for larger bathrooms with relatively larger windows.


If you want a bathroom window solution that could be easily operated, one of your best choices is the shades. These could be easily lowered or raised using a cording system. Moreover, a variety of choices like Roman shades, balloon shades, and pleated shades makes it possible to create a different atmosphere in the bathroom.

Roman shades have the appeal to classic, clean-cut design. Balloon shades, on the other hand, are pretty much like the Roman shades, the inverted pleats gather at the bottom of the shade which creates romantic effects.


For a simpler but often elegant solution, blinds are called for the job. They provide sufficient privacy while giving a versatile design that could easily be matched by the basic components found in the bathroom.


If privacy is not really an issue, a valance could be used for visual interest. Usually this is used to hide the hardware of the curtain, drapes or blinds as a finishing touch.

Bishop's sleeves

Normally paired with a formal valance, a bishop's sleeves are achieved by hanging long panels of fabric on the sides of the window which are belted around the middle to create the puffed effect.