Glasgow Landmarks That Makes it a Grand Place to Visit

Glasgow is considered one of the oldest settlements in Western Europe. It is believed to be founded when Saint Mungo, a missionary, established a community built around what is known today as the Glasgow Cathedral.

If you are planning to visit this city, you can hike on the great architectures, activities, and different attractions. You can look out the Burrell Collection, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow Science Center, Center for Contemporary Arts, and the Museum of Transport. Another destination that you should keep on top of your list is the Glasgow Cathedral.

Most Significant Landmarks

The Glasgow Cathedral can be considered as one of if not the most significant landmarks in Scotland. Any tourist or passersby will not miss the cathedral along the Castle Street. It was built in 1136 replacing the old church built by St. Louis. Mungo which served as center of the first Scottish community. The house of worship is proximate to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the University of Strathclyde.

A famous bell is housed in the cathedral's tower which in itself is very rich in history. An old bell built in 1594 was brought to Glasgow by a local merchant who traveled from Holland. An unfortunate event in 1789 directed to the damage of the great bell. It was taken to London for repair. A poem detailing the "life" of the bell is inscribed on its surface.

The Glasgow Cathedral is a perfect example of a Gothic architecture. It is the only Scottish Cathedral on the mainland to survive the reformation. You will appreciate the intrinsic details of the façade of the church and the mesmerizing interiors. The stained glass arts are just wonderful to look at.

Around the Cathedral

If you plan to explore the surrounding of the Glasgow Cathedral you will see a lot of interesting spots. Cross John Knox Street and you will find yourself amid the Peace Garde Mosaic. Like the name suggests, the beautiful garden was completed in 1992 and serves as tribute to world peace.

You will see the message "Let Peace Flourish" in the middle of this green sanctuary. The garden encourages relaxation in the middle of the business center of the country with a line of benches and areas where people can take a break and breathe to relax. A statue of King William III who ruled the land from 1689 to 1702 is also featured in the garden.

The Provand's Lordship is also a few minutes walk from the Glasgow Cathedral. This structure is considered the oldest house in the city of Glasgow. The structure is now integrated as part of the St.. Nicholas Hospital.

The University of Strathclyde is also in the vicinity. This educational institution is considered the largest in Scotland with around 170,000 students. The university was founded in 1796 but was only formally integrated to the College of Commerce of Glasgow in 1964.

If you get tired touring the Glasgow Cathedral and the nearby stops, there are a lot of pubs and restaurants which can give you a taste of local specialties.

The Glasgow Cathedral joins thousands of tourists each year. It serves as a great welcome to a city where a lot of things and places can be explored. There are still a lot of churches, old structures, museums, and landmarks that you and your family can tour to make your holiday in Glasgow worth it.