Great Tips and Info on House Painting

Painting on or in a home is one place that a novice can save loads of money on fixing up their own home. This is because other things on a home such as decorative carpentry or roofing require a certain level of experience to see the job through correctly.

If your home is a one story home then you are in luck and the job will be that much easier but you still are going to need some ladders which can be rented if you do not want to buy them. Clean your home well before you begin the job and scrape off any loose crud that you find and pay close attention to the windows and anything els that is going to be masked off so the tape will stick good.

If you are going to be using an airless spray you will also have to "roll the paint in" after it is sprayed on and it takes people to "spray and roll." A very important tip is to check out a rented airless spray carefully before you leave the rental yard with it. This is because they have to be cleaned and maintained completely after each use and rental airless sprayers can get neglected.

If you try to do your job with a "crud filled" and "gummed up" rented airless you will be left screaming cursing and dripping with paint as it will continualy clog and make the job impossible. Be extra careful when spraying paint or you may be stuck following your next door neighbor a new paint job on his car. The fine mist carries so easily in a breeze and by the time you realize what has happened it will be too late.

Good heavy canvas tarps work great but they are expensive to buy so you might think of renting some of them before you begin your job, because heavy canvas tarps are the only way to go when covering floors or patios.