Guide To Choosing The Right Hooks And Knobs That Would Match Your Bathroom Style

Choosing knobs and hooks for your bathroom can be a difficult task as there is a wide variety to choose from. Some of the known makers of hooks and knobs are Austin, Aranjeuz, Dove, Cameo, Musa, Channel, Antique, Chenile, Dominic, Contessa, Designer, and the list can still go on.

When buying hooks and knobs, you have to limit your options. First, you have to consider what you really want. Decide on the color, the type of material from which is made of, and the style. Maybe you want a decorative style of hooks and knobs. With this way, you can reduce the many choices available out there.

Aside from your personal preferences, you should also consider your bathroom style when choosing hooks and knobs. For instance, if you have a country setting or a Victorian style of bath, then choose accessories that would match your bathroom theme.

Other types would be recommended if you were designing a kid's bathroom. Consider also the colors and patterns that you have adopted in your bath.

For a master bathroom, the gold hooks and knobs would be great. You may consider Jas, which offers nice line of such products with a variety of designs and colors. Gold color is a great choice if you have gold trimmings in your bathroom.

To add a more elegant look, you may add some gold bath bars, gold glass soap dish, tissue holders, and the like. A towel ring of gold color will also look great in your bathroom.

For antique bathroom, Pacific has a nice array of accessories for this style. Your bathroom accessories should also be of antique tones. For hooks, you may consider having bronze color.

Other shades that you may consider for antique environment are satin nickel and rustic gold. Some nice add-ons are antique white toothbrush holder and soap dish, a vanity mirror with old-fashioned design, and a bronze oil rub ring.

Aranjeuz is also a well known brand of bathroom products for antique style. Chrome-polished hooks can be matched with gold trimmings. Brush nickel will also look great when mixed with gold.

For modern designs and patterns of bathroom, Dominic has nice hooks selection. Items that are chrome-polished and designed by German crafters are great for your bathroom. Wind also offers a nice line of modern style of hooks.

If you have a Victorian style of bath, the satin nickel is a nice shade, and so with brass and chrome. Victorian style has traditional patterns, which brings a feeling of the past. You can use porcelain-made accessories to offset the environment. You may search online for Victorian products and look for discounts and great offers.